10 Best Liquid Lipsticks That are Trending now


Over the past few years, liquid lipsticks have become more and more popular for how they look like a combination of gloss and traditional lipstick and have the staying power of a lip stain. With its no-transfer, no-melt, chicly matte formula, it is no wonder that liquid lipsticks have become a makeup bag necessity.


7 Most Beloved drugstore Foundations of All Time


I'm going to alter you to in on an enormous, crazy, beautiful beauty secret: expensive does not perpetually mean higher. 'Tis true. simply because that diamond-and-angel-tears-infused concealer prices $350, or that $1,200 mask is created from dirt off rock bottom of the Sistine Chapel, it does not imply they're going to truly be additional useful for your skin.

The 5 Best Eye-Makeup Removers that Work in below 60 Seconds


Most eye-makeup removers quite suck. Either they take away regarding 75 percent of your makeup, however leave your lids slick with oil, or they dissolve 100% of your makeup, however need you to clean off a layer of skin (which, fun fact, results in premature wrinkles) within the method. however despite their obvious flaws, we have a tendency to all still use the sucky product, as a result of what is the various, right?

10 Best French Haircare Products


When it comes to our daily beauty routines, going for a natural and effortless look tends to be a goal for many of us. And if there’s anyone out there who’s nailed the effortless look, it’s the French. French women and men alike know how to avoid the heating tools and salon visits in order to maintain fresh and natural locks

Top Best Micellar Cleansing Waters

Skin Care

The Magic Cleanser That Will Revolutionize Your Skincare Regimen. We know the French are always on point when it comes to their beauty regime. Here’s a little secret that has just recently made its way to the US market: micellar cleansing water.

Best Natural and Organic Eye Creams

Skin Care

Dark circles, crow’s feet, and puffy bags feel impossible to kick even with the help of a dermatologist. The answer to treating these unwanted skin woes is seemingly always harder than simply getting a good night’s rest, drinking more water, or trying out treatments full of harsh ingredients that only end up irritating your skin. That is until now. Meet your new secret weapons to fighting the tired eye battle.

Show Off Your Curves At The Pool Or Beach In These Plus Size Bikinis


Summer is right around the corner, and even though you are still in your snow boots, there is no time like the present to treat yourself to a little beach vacay present. With gorgeous curvy women in mind, we enlisted the help of our trusty algorithm to scour the internet to bring you the best absolute best plus size bikinis.

Get Brighter Skin With A Tried-and-True Facial Cleanser

Skin Care

The number one rule of skincare is simple, cleanse. So we’re making it easy to choose the best facial cleanser for your skin type to leave your skin clear and your complexion bright and flaw-free. With powerful ingredients that are calming and never irritating, we’ve assembled a list of cult cleansers that both editors and users go gaga over.

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