The Best Skincare Products You Should Be Buying On Amazon


Skincare is the new self-care. Not only is taking care of your skin good for your health, but it’s become an essential part of our daily routines. And when it comes to shopping for the best skincare products to add to our routines, times have certainly changed. Gone are the days when you have to physically go into a beauty or department store to scour the products and choose the one that’s right for you.

Give Life To Your Flat Locks With A Volumizing Hair Spray


Suffering from lifeless, limp locks? We’ve got you covered—volumizing sprays work wonders on even the finest, flattest hair. With the overwhelming amount of options on the shelves, finding the perfect one can be overwhelming, and let’s face it, they’re not all created equal. Many promise to totally transform your hair, but instead, only leave you with a goopy, sticky mess.

Top Best Hair Straightening Brushes


Time is of the essence, especially when getting ready in the morning. Enter: hair straightening brushes. Quicker and more effective than flat irons, the straightening brush is a safer (for hair, scalp, and fingers) alternative to that iron clamp of fire we’ve been using for so many years. Some straightening brushes even do the job of a blow dryer. A product that dries and straightens all in one, what’s more to love? Ideal for the person who’s perpetually late due to bad hair days, fed u

Non-Aerosol Dry Shampoos For Fresh and Gorgeous Hair


Dry shampoo is arguably one of the best hair products ever created. No matter the problem, it always seems to be the answer. Haven’t washed your hair in two days? Dry shampoo. Grabbing brunch with the girls after a sweaty workout? Dry shampoo. Woke up to lifeless, limp, slept-on hair? Dry shampoo. Shall we go on? The do-it-all hair product does a killer job of absorbing excess oil and adding a boost of volume at the roots for a fresh and clean, just-blown-out look. If you’re not into aerosol<


Skin Care

Suffering from the effects of the 90s over-plucked eyebrow trend? We hear you. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best eyebrow growth serums on the market—from luxurious splurges to drugstore scores. Using our unique algorithm, which bases its selections on top fashion and beauty resources, best-sellers, and reviews from real users, we’ve created a list of the Top 10 eyebrow growth serums you can buy.

Top Best Champagne Eye Shadows For Your Sexy Eyes


If there’s an eyeshadow color more universally flattering than champagne, we’d like to see it. Champagne, made up of light gold, magic, and fairy dust (we’re pretty sure), is beautifully versatile. It’s the color that works with all skin tones and during each season. This shimmery neutral shade makes everyone’s eyes pop. One swipe will give you with a sheer look perfect for day, then layer it for more vibrant vibes in the evening.

Mascaras That Will Inspire You To Ditch Your Eyelash Curler


We’re sharing something to wink about! Investing in the right curling mascara can ensure you never find yourself in a pinch when doing your lashes again. Although eyelash curlers are definitely a useful tool in any glam gal’s makeup bag, there’s nothing wrong with downsizing to a product that delivers a powerful lift and curl in the blink of an eye.

Hands Down Best-Smelling Perfumes of 2018


Fresh crop of fragrances are again promising to be your go-to scent. But since sniffing your way through the entire Sephora perfume aisle is less than ideal, we did you a solid by combing through every fragrance of 2018—including the floral, fruity, woody, and sweet notes—for the ultimate breakdown of our favorite new scents.

Top Best Drugstore Concealers


Let’s face it—some days we all need a little extra help in the skincare department. From dark circles to dark spots, uneven skin tone and tired eyes can leave us looking less than our sparkling selves. On those days, it’s concealer to the rescue! Just a few dabs of this wonderful invention can cover up imperfections and leave your skin looking fresh and your eyes shining brightly.

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