Under arms are the sensitive part that can be taken an extra care as it might take your confidence levels rise to wear any western collection without any hassle. So being sure of hair removal methods on your underarms is challenging.

Let us see some of the DO’s and Don’ts when you go for under-arm hair removal as this might help you be safe always.

Be sure when you Wear Tight Clothes

Women do prefer showing off their physique always as they do like compliments a lot, however when you shave or go for waxing of underarms make sure that you wear tight loose clothes that can in less sweat production. This can be a great sign of getting escaped from sickness and irritation of skin as it also feels suffocation at times when you really wear tight dresses.

Don’t use more deodorants after wax

Make sure that you avoid using antiperspirants and deodorants for a couple of days after shaving and waxing your underarms. This might leave your skin to breathe well instead of skin irritations and thus can also lead to skin cancers at times when it is used harshly on skin.

Make sure to clean Armpits in advance

Whenever you choose to wax or shave your underarms it is important that you prepare them by washing it with soap and Luke warm water. Armpits produce more sweat and that’s why we use a lot of deodorants and body fragrances all the time, residues of all these fragrances can cause that additional damage to your skin too. It is better that you have a clean bath before you prefer to shave or wax your under-arms.

Exfoliate your skin

You might get irritated when you see bumps on your skin when you go for waxing or shaving, this is because of not exfoliating your skin properly. This is proven that exfoliating of skin makes your skin get rid of dirt and impurities as well as loosen the hair follicles very soon from the root. This makes you less pain and hurt during waxing.

How to exfoliate your skin? Very simple, you need to make habit of exfoliating your underarms with the help of scrub or smooth brush while you take bath before sleep. A regular habit like this will make you see better results for sure.
You can also prepare the scrub simple at home with the equal amount of sugar, honey and lemon juice that might also be natural and lightens your skin tone as well.

Do take Painkiller if necessary

Waxing is really a pain in the wrong place as it hurts the sensitive skin and makes it painful. It is better to opt for mild painkillers like crocin and Ibuprofen which can be available at home.

Don’t get confused with the direction

If you want to shave you have to do it in opposite direction of the hair as it helps to take off the shave correct and prevents irritation on the skin. It can give a closer shave and make shave experience well.
If you are waxing then pull in the direction that you apply the wax as this might pull off the roots of that hair well and give you clean and neat underarms.

Make sure that you read the instruction on the box clearly if you are using any cold-wax or removal creams for under arms. Make sure that you only use the hair removal cream only for certain period mentioned on the box as this might be carcinogenic to your skin, so remove them off and clean the surface with water and then apply cream or body lotion.

Do The Aftercare

Once you are done with the waxing or hair removal, make sure that you use ice cubes or cold water as this might moisturise the skin and lessen the redness and itching on the skin. Make sure that you apply moisturiser or aloe vera gel that has a soothing effect on the skin. Don’t end up with cuts or scars on your body, make sure of taking care of your health with care and concern.

Tips for Flawless Underarms

It is a better suggested not to use shaves and creams for your underarms as this might tend to rough your skin and make your underarms darker.

It is better to use mild soaps and not harsh soaps for baths.

Don’t use deodorants or sprays that are alcohol based and with harsh chemicals as this might cause a lot of damage to your skin.
Making your skin hydrate take almond oil or coconut oil on your underarms twice a week before you go to bed as this will make your skin also be soft and firm.