When was the last time you thought of what you were doing in life when you reached out for your morning cup of tea or smart phone to check out your inbox?

Well, most of us go through hundreds of such behaviours each day thinking it’s just a habit. Yes they serve the purpose of making us efficient but there are some tasks which can be life disrupting or even life threatening.

The key is to reach inward, my friends. This is where yoga and meditation can help a lot. The art of Yoga comes with dozens of variations in style and philosophy. There are some yogas like Bikram yoga which is a physical workout whereas others put stress on spirituality and meditation.

The Kundalini yoga is a bit of both. Most of you might be hearing about it for the first time. If you ask what is Kundalini yoga; it is a blend of spiritual and physical practices where the added emphasis is on consciousness which activates energy throughout the body.

Kundalini Yoga adds in movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, which means “truth is my identity.” The prime goal of Kundalini awakening is to promote physical energy and increase consciousness.

Who Designed Kundalini Yoga?

For thousands of years, Kundalini yoga and Kundalini meditation was kept under wraps. It was passed on from the Master to a worthy disciple in a secret fashion. Also, teaching what is Kundalini awakening outside the society of Indian yoga was unheard of.

In Western Kundalini, means meditation to the West by declaring “It is everyone’s birthright to be healthy, happy, and holy, and the practice of Kundalini Yoga is the way to claim that birthright.”

Why Should You Practice Kundalini Yoga?

Most of you would be still wondering how Kundalini yoga stands to benefit you. Well for starters, Kundalini yoga poses are a great workout. And the health advantages are several.

1. Expanding your presence expands your life

The science of Kundalini allows you to approach each day with a strong sense of individual truth. This results in new opportunities and an expanded reality.

2. Gives you inspiration instantly

After you walk away from each Kundalini class, you are bound to get clarity of mind that helps break through old mental patterns and inspires you with new ideas.

3. Positive community around keeps you in check

There are a bunch of negative people around us who drag us and our spirits down. Keeping regular contact with a positive community on a spiritual path lifts you up and reminds you about what is important.

4. Magic happens outside your comfort zone

The Kundalini yoga sequence is full of surprises. It’s like saying you might be stretching one day and screaming the next. It is the spontaneous nature of each class which keeps you light on your feet and ready for anything.

5. Everyone is a teacher (and that includes you)

The essence of Kundalini awakening is that all of us have an important message to share with the world. We just need to have the voice and the courage to share it.

Techniques of Kundalini

Any Kundalini kriya involves the following set of activities – there is stretching, breathing, running, jumping, dancing, yelling, chanting, and meditating.

A typical Kundalini class focuses on control of breath, expansion of energy and alignment of the chakras. It is of 60-90 minutes and is structured as follows:

5 to 10 minute warm-up (includes spiritual teachings from the instructor)

30 to 45 minute kriya (the workout)

5 to 15 minute Savasana relaxation (try not to fall asleep)

11 to 31 minute meditation (this could be mantras or hand mudras)

There are number of poses

Child’s pose

Frog pose

Camel pose

Downward dog pose

Cobra pose

Bow pose

Nose to knee pose

Crow pose

Rock pose

Lotus pose

Sitting breath of fire pose

Standing breath of fire pose

Forward fold pose

Shoulder stand pose

Mountain pose
Hope this introduction to Kundalini awakening, Kundalini yoga, and what is Kundalini meditation was able to show you a new perspective of how living should be.