What is pranayama and what is the use of it? Do we really need to know these? Well as it has been observed even by the research groups that yoga and related asanas will increase your levels of concentration always.  Pranayama means breathing, the concentration towards breathe will be considered to be prana yama. This is already been proved by all the researchers over the globe.

Pranayama Steps

Make your selves comfortable in a sitting position, Sit in cross-legged position on yoga mat or a flat surface. Make sure that you relax yourselves from all the world things or disturbances.

Close your ears with both the thumb fingers and your index fingers over the eyebrows.

Hold your middle fingers on your eyes, make sure that your ring fingers are the at the base of your nostrils.

Now rest your little fingers on your cheeks.

Start inhaling with both the nostrils and slowly start exhaling, continue this process for atleast 2-3 minutes humming like a bee.

Relax for some time and then keep breathing and humming for the next 2-3 minutes.

Slowly open your eyes and relax for some time. Take your hands down and close your eyes for 4-6 minutes.
Make sure that you feel the energy flowing in your body and open your eyes with a smile.

Health Benefits of Pranayama

1. Mostly it can enhance the oxygenation of body cells and due to this it flushes the toxins in the body.

2. It strengthens the lungs and increases the capacity of lungs that can lead to free air flow.

3. It is good for heart health.

4. This can be best booster for immunity levels as free flow of air can make all the possible disease kill and produce anti bodies in the blood.

5. It makes you stress free and makes your levels of concentration go high due to concentration that you follow on your breathe.

6. As it purifies the blood in the body this can be helpful in lowering the blood pressure.

Most of the pranayama steps are involved in maintaining silence to attain the levels of concentration on only breathe, so it is suggested to choose a place that is pleasant and nature friendly.