In this case, all that matters is your footwear. If you're down with dry cracked feet opt for shoes that have an honest match and supply some artefact to your heels.

Footwear like flip-flops and sandals expose your feet and permit your skin to become dry and broken.

Avoid shoes that ar open at the rear as they cannot give requisite support to your heels

Do not use stilettos as sporting them for long hours will place excessive stress on your heels

Stay away from ill-fitting shoes!

Do not substitute one position or cross your legs and sit for a protracted time.

Apply many heel balm and wear your socks before touch the sack.

If you're a diabetic you'll suffer from skin issues regarding xerotes. Remember, to examine your feet daily.

Use shoe inserts to supply support to your heels and stop any force.

Wear cushiony socks undertake clinically-tested socks too.

Try heel cups with a silicone polymer cushion to hydrate your heels and soothe the dry skin on your feet.

Have many water and fluids to hydrate your skin well.

Using a rock whereas bathing could be a sensible habit to exfoliate the dead skin on your feet.

Do not attempt to take away calluses on your own particularly if you're tormented by polygenic disorder or pathology.