Wow, melting mouth always look for sweet as most of the sweets are liked by everyone. When you really want to enjoy the Barfi then make sure that you make it at home not to get it at shops as there might be a chance of getting unwanted calories into the body.

When your Sunday gives you leisure time, prepare this sweet recipe for your family. When you speak about its benefits this sweet is good for eyes and brain health, as a rich source of dates in this sweet can increase haemoglobin levels in blood.


Dates – 250 gm
Figs - 250 gm
Almonds – 50 gm
Walnuts – 50 gm
Nutmeg Powder – ½ tbsp
Cardamom Powder – 1 tbsp
Ghee – 100 gm

How to do the Recipe

Take 250 gm of seedless dates and 250gms of figs.

Take 50gm of almonds and 50gms of walnuts, grate them finely like a powder.

Take a pan and add ghee and heat it within a low flame, add the dates and figs to this, make sure that you check the colour turning to a golden brown then add nutmeg powder and cardamom powder.

Make sure that you cook this in a low flame for 5 minutes and then add almonds and walnuts to it.

Take a plate and apply ghee or butter on it grease it properly on all the sides. Pour this mixture on the plate and let it cool or settle down for some time.

Cut them into different shapes you like and serve it to your family.

We have given you the sweet recipe now along with it hot chips also can be chosen for both to be serving.

Baked chips are always good for health. Everyone loves to much chips along with these sweets. Bake thin slices of apple, turnip, and beetroot and store them all in airtight containers. These chips make you a good combination with sweet Barfi with hot chips.

Great, huh I believe your taste buds started to taste them all. Enjoy your family time. Leave your valuable comments and feedback for us to get more.