Summer is a season of the exhaust as the sun maintains the levels of temperature on highest degrees, due to this effect we might need to concentrate more on having water and its substitutes a lot in this season.

Carrot is one of the best vegetables that is rich is a source of Vitamin A and carotene that is great for hair, eyes, skin and nails, well women do need all these to be looking great always. So this is obvious that you prefer to take carrot regularly in diet or take juices that can be beneficial to health and beauty too.

Kale is also called as leaf cabbage; this is a vegetable that has green or purple leaves which are great for almost all the problems that are related to renal and liver.

Especially for the people who are having less bone strength and eye sight can be taken care well if you can take this juice twice a week. All the goodness of carrot and Kale will be drained into the body when blended well.

How to Make It?

Take a medium sized carrot and peel off the skin neatly as the outermost layer contain too much dust particles and unwanted fibre also, you must use orange colour carrots as this captures that advantages of the juice rather than red carrots.

Take Kale and cut into large pieces that it must be best for blending. Put both the carrot and kale in a large bowl and clean them in running water for at least 2-3 minutes.

Add 2 to 3 pieces of cardamom as this might be acting like an enhancer for the taste. Add all these ingredients to your juicer mixer.

Make sure that you use salt as preferred for taste. As carrot might turn into sweet taste you can also use pure honey or powdered sugar that might be reducing the bitter taste of Kale juice.

Make sure that you blend them properly as carrot and kale might take some time to mix up well and then add 1 glass of water. You might also add some dry ice if you really like to have.

Blend it for 2-3 minutes and then drain out the fibrous content with the help of a filter or sieve that can be best for having it properly without any pieces of fibre.

Pour into 2 glasses and serve it chill with adding Ice cubes. If you can take this juice regularly, you can hold back getting prone to a number of unhealthy problems related to eye-sight and renal diseases. Healthy juices are always best in summer season we will get you more and more very soon in our next articles, Keep smiling and be healthy.