Looking to cool down off this summer and impress guests at your weekend barbecue? Uninterested in your usual salad and corn on the cob option? Need to form some healthy snacks and sides however don’t need to show on the stove and warmth up the kitchen? Strive a cool watermelon dish for a amendment.

You may have adult up consumption sliced watermelon within the summertime- however there’s a lot of ways in which than a technique to skin this versatile fruit.

Watermelon contains phyto nutrients that boost vas health, associated it’s an medicine food that contains carotenoid, a well known anti-oxidant, with the power to neutralize radical molecules.

While it's going to be easier to get pre-packaged or slash watermelon chunks, it’s less costly to shop for it whole, and it tastes higher. once getting whole uncut watermelon, explore for density. A ripe watermelon can feel serious thanks to its water content will increase because it ripens. Explore for the rind to be swish and therefore the bottom or underbelly to be a chromatic color. Watermelon is best keep at sixty degrees, therefore it'll be fine on your room counter for some days before you slice it open.

These three watermelon recipes can offer you with nutrients and health edges together with vitamins A, B, C, lycopene, magnesium, and metal, and full vivacious flavor for your glow! you'll even get the children within the room to assist you create these easy recipes.

Equipment needed For all these Recipes

High-speed mixer,
Sharp chef’s knife,
Cutting board,
Food processor (optional)

WATERMELON opera star dish (4 servings)

Are your fingers and toes swelling with the heat? This swell-quelling dish is that the counterpoison to dropsy. This seasonal dish is hydrating and cooling on heat summer days and helps to cut back swelling caused by heat, poor circulation, and edema.
one 5-pound watermelon


1 red or onion
1⁄2 cup recent shredded mint leaves
1⁄2 cup recent shredded cilantro
1⁄2 cup recent shredded parsley
¼ cup recent basil4 tablespoons recent juice Salt and pepper, to taste

How To Do

Cut the watermelon into 1-inch-sized chunks and place in an exceedingly giant bowl. Slice the onion into skinny strips and soak in enough cold water to submerge the onions, for a minimum of associate hour. (Soaking can create the onions a lot of eatable.) Discard the water and take away onions. Add the onions, mint, cilantro, parsley, and juice to the watermelon. Gently combine and season with salt and pepper.


Very few beverages quench your thirst within the summer like watermelon will. There area unit lots of brands out there that area unit bottling watermelon juice- however it tastes nothing like this! This natural intermingled juice makes for a delectable solution made drink that boasts high metal. Adding limes and lemongrass provides it a bit acid and kick!

2 cups cut watermelon chunks
fresh juice of two ripe limes
1 in. ginger chunk
1 in. lemongrass (optional)
½ cup of ice cubes

How To Do

Place all into a high-speed mixer and method on high till well intermingled.

WATERMELON soup (4 servings)


1 giant heirloom tomato, pureed
½ Serrano chile
2 cups cut watermelon chunks
1 tsp wine vinegar
¼ cup additional virgin cold- ironed oil
2 tbsp minced purple onion
1 cucumber, seeded and minced
1 tbsp minced recent dill
1 tsp cilantro (optional)sea salt and freshly ground pepper to style

How To Do

Puree the tomatoes in an exceedingly high-speed mixer, in conjunction with the chile, and one cup of the watermelon. Pour the wine vinegar and oil in and pulse the mixer. Add within the onion cucumber and dill and season with salt and pepper. Puree till swish. Serve in bowls with oil drizzle.

It’s necessary to settle on ripe watermelon not merely for the flavour except for the health edges, the deeper red the flesh, the a lot of made in carotenoid. And with ninety two done for content, this super melon additionally helps contribute to weight loss.