1.    Improve Heart Health : A report by the Harvard School Of Medicine says that low K(potassium) levels will cause disturbances in cardiac rhythm. Bananas, being wealthy in K, will facilitate counteract this drawback. Too abundant of K may well be dangerous for the guts. So, take care.

2.    Your heart could be a smooth muscle and depends on K for correct contraction and growth. Low potassium levels, a condition known as symptom, may also cause heart palpitations. New analysis suggests that one banana each day will cut your risk of heart failure by a 3rd. this might even be related to different healthy manner habits like abstaining from tobacco and regular exercise. The gut additionally contains numerous K particle channels, which may well be another excuse bananas square measure thus sensible for heart health.

3.    And as frightening because it may sound, very low levels of potassium will even cause your heart to prevent in keeping with the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, banana is one in all the fruits to be taken for a healthy heart in keeping with the University of Maryland middle, potassium helps lower vital sign levels. However exercise caution with K supplements – ne'er take them on faith along with your doctor.

4.    One study states that having 2 bananas each day will lower vital sign by the maximum amount as 10 %. In keeping with the Yankee Heart Association, K reduces the consequences of Na. however overwhelming a lot of K should even be combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet for maintaining heart health.

5.    And folks littered with nephropathy ought to limit the consumption of K. A high Na intake causes your body to retain water – and this elevates vital sign. Potassium works to cut back this water retention, displaying a positive result on vital sign. It additionally boosts excretory organ operate, that helps flush Na out of the body. The nutrient additionally relaxes the walls of the arteries .

6.    Enhance Brain Health : Bananas also are wealthy in pyridoxal, that improves psychological feature operate.  In one study by Tufts University, men with higher concentrations of pyridoxal performed higher in memory tests. and also the metallic element in bananas facilitates the electrical activity between the nerve cells in your brain. a lot of significantly, the cells in your brain utilize aldohexose as fuel. Since our brain cannot store aldohexose, we tend to should often offer it. Bananas (as they contain fiber) unharness their sugars slowly into the blood, and your body uses this sugar a lot of step by step than sugar (pastries and candies, etc.) – this provides a gradual offer of aldohexose to your brain.

7.    The potassium in bananas additionally keeps the gas levels within the brain cells normalized. The fruit is additionally wealthy in MN that's identified to stop brain conditions like epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease .

8.    The monoamine neurotransmitter and hormone in bananas promote stress relief. we tend to already saw bananas square measure wealthy in pyridoxal. The deficiency of this nutriment may also cause confusion, depression, and peripheral pathology.

9.    Intake bananas often will improve brain power and nerve operate. they assist boost concentration in addition. Studies have additionally shown that K in bananas will facilitate forestall stroke in maturity. And within the case of post-menopausal ladies, intake bananas might cut the chance of stroke by 12%.
10.    In keeping with the Yankee Academy of Neurology, people with an occasional potassuim intake may well be 1.5 times a lot of probably to suffer from a stroke.

11.    Although K doesn’t have a control on haemorrhage that's caused by sharp injury (the less common type), it will facilitate combat cerebra-vascular accident (which is what eighty % of the strokes are) 

12.    Promote Bone Health in keeping with the National pathology Foundation, K in bananas is sweet for bone health. Bananas also are sensible sources of element, which, as per bound preliminary studies, will contribute to bone health.

13.    The metallic element within the fruit is another necessary nutrient for bone structure. Foods wealthy in K additionally turn out alkali within the body to keep up the acid-base equilibrium. this is often necessary to notice as a result of once a body is acidic, the bones get a symptom to neutralize the acid – and also the bones tend to realize this by breaking all the way down to unharnessed the alkali. However potassium-rich foods will forestall this and permit the bones to keep up their structure.

14.    In different words, K consumption will forestall metallic element loss from bones. K intake has additionally shown to enhance bone density in senior ladies. The study additionally links long K intake to a reduced risk of pathology.

15.    Another Yankee study links potassium consumption to the hindrance of age-related bone loss. Facilitate Treat looseness of the bowels Bananas aid in looseness of the bowels treatment through solution replacement. Since the fruit is wealthy in K, it will facilitate replace the lost K.

16.    You’ll merely eat a banana to induce some relief. you'll then add a pinch of salt to water and drink the mixture – this can facilitate replace the lost Na and chloride. there's one specific diet designed for fast recovery from looseness of the bowels. it's known as the BRAT diet – bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.

17.    This is often particularly effective for infants and kids with upset stomachs. This diet reduces the number of stool made by the body and offers some rest to the abdomen. However, it's higher to travel for a traditional diet because the BRAT diet is low in super molecule, fiber, and fat – and thence lacks all the desired nutrients.

18.    Also, at intervals twenty four hours of looseness of the bowels, you need to eat a diet that features fruits and vegetables. Although the BRAT diet is okay to own, it's now not the popular diet selection for relieving looseness of the bowels.

19.    Promote organic process Health Bananas facilitate restore traditional intestine operate. And since they're wealthy in fiber, they're what you need to be longing for organic process health. Also, the sleek functioning of your digestive tube depends on its system – it contracts during a wave-like pattern (a method known as peristalsis).

20.    And K plays a significant role in muscle operates, that is why it will aid during this method. Bananas square measure wealthy in each insoluble and soluble fiber. The previous adds bulk to your food and aids in its swish movement – it additionally helps you're feeling full once a meal. Soluble fiber improves the health of your intestines. It additionally slows down the absorption of fats and carbs, keeping your blood glucose levels during a healthy vary.

21.    The fruit is additionally a fashionable supply of fructooligosaccharides, that square measure prebiotics that feed the friendly bacterium within the gut – it helps improve gut health and is simpler than different probiotics. Also, totally ripe  bananas may be simpler in treating organic process problems. Since bananas square measure natural antacids, they'll facilitate neutralize abdomen acid and aid in ulceration treatment. Another element in bananas, leucocyanidin, will increase the thickness of the mucosa of the abdomen – this offers further protection from ulcers. Even unripe plantain bananas will stimulate the expansion of viscus mucous membrane.

22.    Ripe bananas are wealthy in resistant starch that may facilitate treat constipation. And since bananas square measure naturally low in acids, they'll additionally facilitate ease pyrosis. a pleasant ripe banana can follow the irritated passage lining – it forms a protecting film that soothes and treats pyrosis. However, there's some conflicting analysis to contemplate too.

23.    However it’s with unripe bananas, though. The unripe fruit contains concerning one hundred-250 mg of tannins (for each 100 g) and high amounts of amylase-resistant starch. These will cause constipation or irritate a pre-existing condition .By the way, this property has been employed in the BRAT diet for looseness of the bowels treatment.

24.    Treat Hangovers K is one mineral that's lost following alcohol consumption, and this additionally causes dehydration. you'll have a banana milk shake sugary with honey – a fast fix for a hangover. The banana calms the abdomen, and also the honey replenishes the depleted sugar levels. and also the milk soothes and rehydrates your body .

25.    Vitamins B1 and B6 are 2 of the nutrients whose levels fall post alcohol consumption – bananas square measure wealthy in these and might facilitate improve hangover symptoms. The aldohexose and electrolytes in bananas additionally facilitate treat hangover.