We tell you why you put on weight around your hips and thighs!

Most Indian girls have a similar drawback space once it involves losing we have a tendency toight – the hips and therefore the thighs! it's typically the last place wherever we turn even when exertion well and following a healthy diet. Why is it so? And what will we have a tendency to do regarding it?

Deanne Panday, celebrity trainer and author of ‘Shut Up and Train!’ believes that the perpetrator is our hormones (oestrogen and progesterone).

Additionally to the present reality, even tiny changes in the environment, the approach we have a tendency to eat, what quantity we have a tendency to sleep and exercise – all play a job in determinant the number of fat we have a tendency to accumulate. Calculate what quantity weight you'll be able to lose during a month here.

She says, ‘oestrogen and progestin square measure hormones created by a woman’s ovaries and square measure very important to their health. These 2 hormones exist during a delicate balance, and once that delicate balance is thrown off, numerous health complications will turn up. They play a vital role to keep the waist of a lady small and melting away fat in major drawback areas just like the hips and thighs.’

According to her, sex hormone works against the action of hormone and progestin works against corticoid. once each hormone and corticoid square measure created in excess, they cause the retention of fat – basically round the belly.

When it involves your hips and thighs Deanne says, ‘Oestrogen is that the main internal secretion that will increase fat round the hips and thighs. however progestin works with sex hormone to prevent this. once a lady is stressed this activity doesn't occur. High stress levels means that higher levels of corticoid, that successively depresses the extent of progestin. thus if you're a lady and you see fat accumulating around your waist, you wish to de-stress!’. in conjunction with that, you'll be able to strive some exercises too.

How to increase your sex hormone levels

Oestrogen levels square measure raised once you have a healthy diet that contains proteins and sensible carbohydrates in balanced proportions.

Another issue is age. As we have a tendency to age we have a tendency to tend to accumulate additional internal secretion mimicking chemicals in our body. This results in associate imbalance and that we eventually find yourself manufacturing lesser amounts of the essential hormones – sex hormone and progestin.

According to Deanne, having callipygous thighs and a small waist square measure the results of a mixture of intake right, de-stressing and living clean. of these habits facilitate to place your hormones back in synch with one another, reducing your waist size successively.

She says, ‘Isn’t it nice to understand that you don’t got to bust your bottom on the treadmill to lose fat on your hips and thighs? Instead just eat right, carry weights to extend HGH (human growth hormone) and pay daily looking, or at the spa.

Do yoga take up Thai Chi, de-stress – you hips and thighs can thanks for it’. Here square measure some exercises to turn for your lower body. additionally browse the way to keep healthy with a healthy feeder diet.