Blueberry is a sweet and nutrient rich succulent fruit that belong to berries family. You might just want to pick it barely without any hesitation. Most of us are not sure about the great health benefits of these berries, we will certainly get their possibility of doubts to reduce and start searching for them after knowing them.

Nutrition list of Blue berries are as follows:

Vitamin C
Vitamin K
Gallic acid

Let’s say when you take a normal cup of blueberries, you have 21gms of carbohydrates, 0 gms of cholesterol, 0.5gms of fat, 36% of required Vitamin K, 1.1gms of protein, 3.6gm of dietary fiber, 84 calories, 24% of Vitamin C, zinc, manganese, phosphorous, copper, calcium, beta-carotene, iron, choline and folate.

We have shown you the number of ingredients or vitamins in blue berries, let us see some of the health benefits that are present in blue berries

1. Great news for Diabetic: You heard it right, blue berries that are filled with the fiber content will control Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and if these can be taken on regularly the consistency in the sugar levels may be reduced, this is the suggestions released by some of the scientists as well.

2. Boon for Weight losers : Yeah, it might sound weird for the word losers, however many of them do lot of un-necessary stuff when it comes to weight loss. As we know blueberries are filled with fiber, when you start taking berries, your appetite is reduced, it feels as a complete meal and can keep you full for so long time for you to have something to eat junk and get obese.

3. Bone Health- Vitamin K : Blue berries are rich in Vitamin K , iron, phosphorous, Calcium, magnesium, manganese, Zinc, due to this packed support of all the minerals and vitamins that support the bone weight this is helpful for the people who have joints pains and arthritis.

4. Beauty Vs Berries: Wow, this is important for a women that any other factors, as most of them reading this article are already beautiful, however lets make them look most beautiful with these blue berries. If you ask me how, my answer would be being young with blueberries intake in foods, salads etc. Collagen is the elasticity factor for everyone to look young. Collagen production by the cells mainly relies on the Vitamin C it is used as an anti-oxidant , this can prevent the radical free damage that has caused to the skin already due to aging or our un healthy lifestyle.

5. Blood Pressure is Cooked up : When you ask me the important benefits of blueberries is reducing the levels of sodium in your diet and henceforth it lowers the blood pressure levels in the body and makes a person cool and normal state, at least you can stay with peace of mind.

6. Parkinson’s Disease: Forgetting people, which is generally called as memory loss, seen in elderly people or most of the mental ill health people need to include blue berries in their diet as this might be reducing the occurrence of neurological diseases and makes the senses and body under control.

Blue berries are our cute little berries that can enhance your beauty and health. We recommend you to have some of them in your diet. Leave your comments of feedback for us.