You have two beautiful hands and arms and one of which is always struck in carrying that huge bag that you might want to keep cool without any rashes by using them on shoulders.

And if you also like to be fashionable crossing the borders of looks in tops and dress, then you might have to glance at these collections for sure.  

1. Front Row Shop



2.Tibi- Coming up with the bandeau in summer and turtleneck for the complete year.

3. Aritzia- Nice wrap skirt and hoops that can make you feel comfortable by putting your hand through them.

4.Jacquemus- Would you want to get the striking Matisse cutout that suits your figure for sure.

5. Zara- Wow answer to your friend is, "I'm wearing jeans and a nice top."

6.Topshop- What do you generally feel once you look at this great ventilation, answer this can be I am cool.


We all would love to see different collections to be present in our wardrobe, ultimately it all matters about your physique your economic budgets and sizzling interest to wear them on you.

Thank for your time for having it a glance. Leave your feedback and comments.