We might have to sing a song that makes us feel so , Near, far, wherever you are, it’s time to get your on-the-go game on lock. Travel and beauty are two of life’s best luxuries, but sometimes it can be challenging to combine the two.

Hairizone Heat Resistant Travel Case

This is Heat proof cover for flat iron or curling iron with 1 thermal pouch and 5 mini pouches and a Velcro closure. Obviously this tool is a perfect on-the-go tool, but it’s also great for at-home hot tool storage.

Beauty Infinity Travel Makeup Brush Set

These are very nice, and similar to some of the Cosmetics brushes, as the brush set itself is fantastic, but the travel aspect makes this product a perfect gift set. This is available in 7, 13, or 18-piece set and is safe for sensitive skin too.

Tancendes Waterproof Travel Makeup Bag

The bag comes in six colours, including two multi-colours patterns. This Bag make it easy and surprise results in holding all your cosmetics and grooming supplies with the elastic bands held bottles in place so that you can be less concerned about spills.  This is available in other colours with the waterproof, antibacterial coating along with the Drawstring closure.

The Laundress On The Spot Kit

This set is a one stop shop to remove wrinkles, eliminate static, and deodorize clothing on the go. A vinyl carrying case is included for ease of travel. This is safe for delicate, high quality fabrics as all the products are 100% natural and biodegradable.

IFY Portable Cross Pill Case Box

These are pretty nice with the Set of 4 pill containers, each container has 4 compartments. The size is super perfect if you take multiple meds/supplements all the time. It’s roomy, but small enough to comfortably fit in a handbag. In addition to storing your medicine, these pill boxes can be filled with small amounts of creams and lotions so you don’t have to travel with unneeded full-size bottles.

Dot & Dot Travel Bottles

Sometimes hotels provide great shampoo and conditioner, but oftentimes much is left to be desired. This kit allows you to bring along your purple shampoo or oil cleanser—ingredients no hotel is sure to have. This comes in Set of four 2 oz. bottles that has a Leak-proof design and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Morning Glamour Single Header Bag Pillowcase

This pillowcase has a pocket to keep it from sliding during your slumber. It keeps your pillow cool and keeps hair from tangling. This is Friction-free 100% polyester satin charmeuse which can be washable and dries well, available in other colours too.

Sephora Collection Beauty On The Fly Bag

This bag is TSA-friendly and transparent, pretty much easy to clean and has a Zippered top.

Travalo Excel Refillable Perfume Bottle

This handy beauty tool comes in eight metallic colours, from electric blue to dusty rose and makes storing your favourite perfume for travel a breeze. This is available in other colors that have features transparent side to see perfume level.

Flight 001 Red Eye Overnight Pak

This cute kit comes in three different colors and patterns so you can look stylish while you snooze.Issues sleeping on a plane? Solved. Turn down the lights and volume instantly with this travel companion. This is available in other patterns that includes eye mask, dental kit, and one set of ear plugs.

That’s where our algorithm steps in—here are a handful of ways you can stay fabulous from security to take off. Whether you’re looking for a unique case to transport one of the best curling irons or leak-proof toiletry bottles, make you best at packing and ready for it.

May be our list of the best travel beauty hacks will help take your packing skills to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling across the sea or the next city over, these ten creative buys are a must-buy for anyone who’s always on-the-go!