When it can be, just a simple answer that is they do it, when they are comfortable with the pleasure and passion is satisfied and may be looking in the opposite person mindset as well. You are grown up is what masturbation gives a hint to anyone who is ready for Sex. We expect nothing more or nothing less it is so common these days and more or less understood by adults and teenagers.

Today’s world is revolving around “Three date rule”, firstly women who sleep with a man on a date are not sluts, the second one is women taking a long time to sleep with man are not prudes and no gentleman is worth being stylish at it. Every man is not exceptional in this natural emotionally connected process of getting pleasure.

Let’s say you are friendly with a guy at the party or at work they end up starting with flirt to bedtime until they get the pleasure that is not at all exceptional in any man. Some of them are committed to but don't make it all.

Please don’t assume that he will bend on his knees and got a ring in his hand asking to marry him as this is not most of the man expect else in his wife and something else from another woman, why not it can be some one’s wife too. 

Looks are always haunting whatever might be the situation hang out one-on-one and eat meals or drink drinks or see movies until they target is completed they might not want to give up. And there are some of the committed men too. 

Most of the sexologists shared their opinions that can be shared for the benefit of someone else having this problem.  A person shared his experience about dating a girl for almost 10 times and finally got it to bed for the 11th time until then he was struggling it with the blue balls as it was too hard for him to manage to look at his girlfriend in a very hot and sexy attire but finally got it done on bed that have given him ultimate pleasure that is happy all around.

Another person with no shock revealed that he started dating with someone who asked for condoms on the second date and still going on for a long time which is turning them go wild and wild for each and every nice experience they tried different erotic positions all the time.


The act of sex is always not said about various details on how the eyes of men looked into women checking out top to bottom. Orgasm is something which is making both men and women be succeeded for a long time. However, the conversation at the bar or a party between men would be so silly, like this regardless of the other side of the women’s mentality and interest.

Regardless of love, don’t be judgemental anytime in sex. It is both sided pleasure that is really great to enhance the love and pleasure. If the woman is sleeping with you, she is not a slut and if she is not sleeping with you, she is not a whore. You sigh of saying that simply it’s not happening and she is boring.

Woman are suggested to enjoy the experience only with the guys who are comfortable with even going on for a long time as this might make an emotional bonding that might make him care a lot. He himself should understand your intention in his experience that you have shared on the bed.


Guys always expect only when they want to have it, despite women interest, as they think that getting it done is their own strength and capacity in getting it done. Suggesting all the women in checking on trustworthy guys that can make you feel happy is a great and wise choice.