You might break your head in understanding the love towards pets that are ugly to look at as well. However, if we see any of our celebs having such cute little donkeys, chimpanzees and pigs, we will certainly faint in knowing this news.

Let us look at some the celebrities and their pets so that you might love them from now as well.

Megan Fox is the owner of a pig, which aptly named Piggy Smalls.

Tori Spelling owns a Silkie Bantam Chicken.

Hayden Panettiere owns a snake, which she showed off to the world by bringing onto Live With Kelly and Michael.

Miley Cyrus owns a pig, which she received as a gift from PETA.

Victoria Beckham owns a micro chicken.

Kim Kardashian owns a pet chimpanzee with her family.

Holly Madison is the owner of a bunny.

Paris Hilton owns a pet Kinkajou.

Nicole Kidman owns an alpaca.

Elle Macpherson has a pet bearded dragon.

Kaley Cuoco has been the owner of a peacock for just over a year.

Kristen Stewart is the owner of a wolf-dog hybrid, which seems like something she would get off the set of one of the Twilight movies.

Courtney Love has a pet turtle.

Kelly Clarkson owns a goat.

Reese Witherspoon has not one, but two pet donkeys.

Vera Farmiga owns a number of goats on her farm in upstate New York.

Sheryl Crow has previously owned wild pets, and she is known as a huge animal lover in general.

Kellie Pickler has been the owner of a marmoset monkey.

Nicki Minaj has rapped extensively about snakes in her music, and she has even taken a boa constrictor on stage on many occasions.

With a little throwback to the past there is Audrey Hepburn, who was the owner of a pet deer.

By now you might have understood the pets and their love towards human beings, either a celeb or a normal person, pets are always lovable ones.