There is only a single reason that is due to the length of characters as well. We have been stuck with the faces on the internet with new updates pouring on Facebook, snap chat, Whatsapp, twitter.
There is a survey that reveals the information that 80% of the people with the age group of 18-35 are addicted to the social media.

As of recent statistics made it clear that shares of Snap Inc. are trading on NYSE are bumping of social media which has changed the lives of multiple generations due to its features and advantages it had created in the applications.

Why do you think Twitter Inc. (TWTR) floundering?.

When twitter posted $717 million a 1 % increases year by year that this is expected to get the best stake in the coming financial years. They were too much disappointed when they release Q4 earnings in the month end of February, it was simple by the magical miracles of Trump bump it has been raised for sure.

Let us focus on Advertising revenue in Q4 2016 was approximate $638 million, it is very less that the same quarter previous year.
The Brighter side of this is a revenue data licensing and other sources that rose 14% year-over-year to reach $79 million and this is for sure the sign of getting the new inclusions that twitter have taken in the past quarter.

What can be the reasons of breakdown that has taken major role in the suffering of twitter? Too many social apps that are entering into the market that created a lot of innovative features to beat it might be the major cause.

One of the research firm e- Marketer roughly estimates that the number of people that are going to use the twitter account will be increased by 1.9% in the year 2017 and this might be a special news to twitter in that hard time to come out of the dilemma.

Advertising like Facebook can work.

When you describe twitter, the fastest place to know what’s happening in the world, this is what is mentioned on twitter in the previous letters that are sent to the Shareholders. However, what made it think to re-create this tagline, as Facebook draws more attention from the people by the news as well from its dashboards.

Many other features have made it innovative in mingling with generations together, as for as survey that mentioned in the report that 40% of the American adults get their news from Facebook and only 9% from the twitter.

Facebook has moved its wings by associating with Instagram that gives a lot of features that are great at times when compared to

There must be something creatively poured out from the brain of twitter to get it be on top in the stakeholders list for the next quarter in their stats. All the best for it.

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