Amazon is one of the leading multinational consumer electronics companies that have the largest base of customers through the internet.

This can also be considered to be the largest consumer goods company that sells a great deal of consumer goods. mainly focuses on three different segments that are into media, electronics and other merchandise that are running online right now.

Let us say that it has a lot of wide space market when entered into the market in 2014 and its 2013 fiscal year, Amazon reported $74.45 billion in revenue and this attracted lot of people to look at working on relevant companies that can be competitors in these relevant segments.

There was also a time that the company expected to report a loss for 2014, its market capitalization of $153.37 billion as of Nov. 20, 2014, had mentioned that they can return to profitability in 2015.

Amazon has been great and tough competition in electronics and general merchandise segment, many of them have turned to be rivals such as Brick and mortar. Companies such as Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, Family Dollar, Best Buy, Staples, Big Lots,

RadioShack, Delia and Systems have derived their mark on being tough in competition.

Most of them wanted to share the customers with attracting on a number of deals that can give great savings and benefits of their wallets.

Many of the media segments that it is entering into such as Amazon Prime Videos are really giving toughest competition to media game-changer Netflix (NFLX), Apple (AAPL), with iTunes, Liberty Interactive (QVCB), eBay (EBAY), Time Warner Cable (TWX), and Google (GOOG) with its Play Store.

This is certainly appreciated by many of the financials critics as well that the operating segment of Amazon certainly likes to compete with several world's largest companies such as Google, Oracle, and, CDW, PC Connection, Insight Enterprises, Accenture and Citrix Systems.

This has derived the best customer satisfaction as well for the year of 2015 and employees be happy to be working there always.