Leanne Marshall is not a new name for the fashion industry, she becomes the hot topic for her collection in latest NYC fashion Show.

Leanne Marshall is born in Yuba city, California, USA, she was a designer from her childhood as playing with other things could not give her interest but sketchbook used to be her best friend.

She started her journey at very early stage of 8yrs playing with a sketchbook, colour pencils and bits of fabric pieces and in no time she tried to design her costumes for her ballet shows and dance performances. Her passion and interest have thrilled her so much that she chose to design as her career.

Leanne Marshall won Levi’s Dockers Scholarship which made her complete her dream in The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco, which gave her ultimate satisfaction of making her aim towards her goal.

In 2006, she started working as a graphic designer and it was due to her own interest using her own time she developed and launched her own brand named “Leanimal”. She ultimately made her sales bump off great with almost all the best sales possible, which provoked her to leave her job and start her own brand label mark in the fashion industry.

The turning point in her career started in 2008 when Leanne was selected as a contestant for Season 5 of project runway. With her new and innovative creation, wave-inspired collection in shades of turquoise, ivory and sand made her bump off to the grand finale and finally stood up as the winner for the show. She was crowned as the winner of the show.


With a great confidence and levels that started off her line of fashion and her collection have gone crazy all over the globe since 2008, New York fashion show and fashion week. She started designing for television, editorial and her favourite clients, her work and designs rocked the floor and ramp, celebrities too such as Carrie Underwood, Andi MacDowell, Julianne Hough, Ashley Benson, Salt, Ariana Grande, Dasha Polanco, Jackie Cruz, Jane Fonda, Paula Abdul and many celebs like to wear them on Awards and Ramps.

Her collections such as gowns have graced the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, US Weekly, LIFE, National Geographic, Lucky, The Post, TV Guide, The New York Times, People, Grazia, Elle, and countless others.

Leanne Marshall signature bridal line has been a brand that can be great for all the brides and is available since 2011. The bridal collection is famous and is available over 35 boutiques globally and online.

Leanne Marshall has captured a number of people’s and attention due to her effortless grace and timeless elegance that has poured her heart and soul into her collections.