Anniesa Hasibuan is an Indonesian fashion designer, who is born in Jakarta.  She has been ardently welcomed as one of the top Indonesian designers, she made a bold move that made introduce Indonesia to the world. She has been using her creative skills that make her present her sophisticated masterpiece that is equal to fairly tales.











She was born in Born on July 30th,1986, father is Azwidarsyah Hasibuan and mother is Atiek Suryani and she was supported a lot by her loving family while travelling towards her culture. She started attaining the dream of her hobby designing dresses.

She is focusing on glamorous and elegant designs and cutting-edge patterns with premium materials used sequin stones, pearls and lace, in fact, these are intricate, fairy-tale inspired designs and have become her signature.

Anniesa’ world has become elegant as many of her friends and family members started adoring her designs and that made her expand to elegant and luxurious Muslim-wear which stole audience’s attention that made her collections debut in International show, London widens the audience to a larger scope.


Anyways, she tried to explore the endless beauty of Indonesian traditional cultures and heritages. Some of her best collections such as Cosmoflo Sasikirana, PearlAsia, Cleorora, D’Jakarta, and Royal Paradise.  She was also awarded by GSF Awards Cannes Gala for her creative and couture fashion collection. 

Proving herself at New York Couture Week in 2015 and 2016, with the great collection made her receive eminent applause from the Global audience. 

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