Scotland is a place of Snow-capped Mountains, palm trees, turquoise seas that is too much perfect in making your travel trip be grateful moment.  We all are sure that summer vacations need to be taken as an advantage to make your dreams come true, we will need to travel far and wide for incredible food, nice weather and best drinks.


This fairytale castle might look like a French château or Bavarian palace, it's actually Dunrobin Castle called as the Earl of

The rainforest

It might look Amazonian however it is actually Puck's Glen, near Dunoon, in the west of Scotland. T


Leith used to be a separate town but was merged with Edinburgh in 1920.


Northern Lights the most spectacular displays over Scandinavia these are also known as the "merry dancers".

The Caribbean

The white sands and turquoise sea, this is beach situated on the spectacular west coast of South Harris.


Sydney Opera House – it's actually the Scottish Exhibition.



This huge waterfall isn't tumbling it's the 60-metre-high Mealt Falls on the Isle of Skye.

The Alps

It actually means "pinnacle of the mountains".


Most of the pretty red-and-white houses are located in Ramsay Garden, a block of private apartment buildings situated right next to
Edinburgh Castle.


This is the Italian Chapel on Lamb Holm.


Hope you want to Fly now to Scotland and see all these wonders and enjoy. Happy vacations.