This is a logical question when it comes to Plato, I and Aristotle as all these are questions raised in individual brain whether to decide on friendship or love.

Here I mentioned Plato, as he believed that he had a strong thesis on saying that love is peaks of madness as man and woman get united together to be strong enough in being united. However they both end up in saying that they are not better soul-mate to be living with and end up with uniting with someone else.

When you want to discuss on having number of friends it is acceptable, however having number of lovers is not acceptable, so being in love is also related factors that creates and emotional bonding between each other.

Love Defines

Let’s make it more simplified to you. Love is a emotional bonding between man and woman which can be also happiest factor to come in contact with the bodies, which is Sex. Most of the infatuations start at an early teens to late 20’s as there might be a chance of maturity levels of understanding being less and more in person to person.

Sit and discuss

This is a sincere request purely related to parents, as they need to be clear enough in speaking with them about the number of pro’s and con’s of being engaged into a relation, as they might be wrong sometimes in deciding it to themselves on love or friendship.

Difference between Love and Friendship

Love includes more of physical, emotional and responsive bonding run between both, however friendship just require a pure bond in making friends happy and be there for any kind of challenges.

Love has a theory of living for each other and dying for each other, however friend’s doesn’t have anything as such. It might take some time to get back to normal but they accept that they are just part of life.

Love has passion and lust of getting more united to the person whom they are bounded to, as it cool down there enters companion ship or being together under a roof, and this is also proved that love is an anti-liberal sentiment that can make fool of each other if not handled properly.

We should always agree the fact that love is great worthy challenger and if you want to spend complete life with it it might be the best challenging task to complete as it might be the boring scenarios of getting bugged up with each other. Whereas friendship is a matter of understanding between the persons want to travel for a certain period of time.

Make decision Wisely

Teenage is stage of manipulations, there are complications that make them confuse very often when coming to love of friendship. However the main concept of making it happen can also be status symbol of being in love. Showing off to their buddies as, how they are bounded to someone in relationship so called LOVE. 

Choosing things wisely must be habits to those of people who want to complete their stage of youth with basics of career as priority.

Friendship and Love are two opposite poles of life as both can’t sexist in one’s life until and unless the understanding capabilities are well designed.