Skin tone is something that is a major challenge for any women to maintain for a long time. There are many natural methods that are available all around you, however, we ought to take time in finding them and know which are good for our skin tone.

Let us see some of the best uses and healthy benefits of using mud masks that are natural and beneficial to our skin.

Volcanic Mud Mask

Volcanic clay which is also known as Bentonite Clay that that has the ability to remove toxins and impurities, heavy metallic used in makeup and most of the chemicals from the skin which can be the common component of cleansing, and this can be collected from the volcanic ash sediments.

This is discovered in Montmorillon, France, and as of now, this is harvested in most of the places of US, Italy and France. This is composed of aged volcanic ash and plethora of minerals like silica, potassium calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron which is beneficial with the organic nutrients useful for healthy skin and good skin tone.

Alpine Moor Mud Mask

Alpine mud mask is great on the skin which mainly comes from Alpine forests that have been enriched for thousands of years, this is dark brown in colour with organic and inorganic materials that are also having plant extracts, minerals, trace elements and biochemical components. Due to its natural effects of strengthening collagen fibres present in the tissues, this is a great enhancer of skin tone.

This is homemade best for oily skin and it is best in removing the oil, dirt and impurities from the skin and make it brighter as this can activate the cellular metabolism on the skin epidermis and brightens that skin tone.

Step by Step Method of Using a Clay/Mud Mask for your Face

It is as famous for the famous Holly Wood and Bollywood celebs who really love to enjoy this mud mask to revitalise their skin tone and make it great in looks. This also gives relaxation nd soothing effect on skin and it is best in rejuvenating the skin by detoxifying and toning it. Due to the mud mask is natural it not only removes dirt and impurities from the skin but also increases the blood circulation.

Preparing the Mud Mask

Take a bowl and add 2-3 tbsp of clay powder into it, now add some distilled water to it and let the powder soak into the water gradually, you should not stir it should absorb the water and uppermost layer of the clay start absorbing the moisture so let it absorb all the moisture. Then add herbs or oil that you want to add in it.

It is suggested to add few drops of vegetable oil to the mixture for the people having sensitive skin.

Now slowly apply the mud mask on the face on a clean skin.

Application of the Mask

Use a brush or clean fingers to apply the mud mask on your face. You have to apply it spreading the mask all over your face evenly. It should be covering the entire face and leave it dry for 20-30 minutes.

Opening the Pores

After 10 minutes, you need to follow the process of opening clogged pores that are present on the skin, this is making nutrients present in the clay absorb into your skin. So take a steamer and take steam on your face so that all the face absorb the steam for at least 3-5 minutes.

Removing the Mask

Make sure you clean it properly with a drenched wet cloth or cotton pads dipped in cool water. Spread it across the face and clean all the mud from your skin.
Do not rub it harshly as your skin can not withstand the harshness.

Skincare Post Clay Mask Treatment

You have to use natural rose water which can act as toner that can shrink the open pores or else you can also use jojoba oil massage for 5 minutes.

When it is all about skin care, you have to be careful in maintaining it properly as this is natural mud mask there are no side effects that you can be scared of. Be sure of using this masks and be safe and beautiful.