Women simply can’t get enough of carrying makeup because the cosmetic business keeps on manufacturing spectacular makeup product that may actually enhance one’s look. However, the chemicals that are combined with this beauty product tend to be harsh on the skin particularly once used perpetually. However the thought of stepping outside your home while not carrying any makeup doesn’t sit well with girls.

The cosmetics serve lovely and unflawed skin, however it's conjointly true that they're induced with types of chemicals. So, it's higher to use natural product which can deliver an equivalent results with none aspect effects.

Sounds interesting? Here are some recipes for you to undertake.


You would like four teaspoons of burn plant gel, fat-soluble vitamin oil, a pair of teaspoons of oil, 0.5 a teaspoon of bees wax, and ¼ to ½ teaspoon of carbon in an exceedingly little glass bowl or Mason jar, add the burn plant gel, fat-soluble vitamin oil, beeswax, and oil.

Pour 0.5 a cup of water in an exceedingly little cooking pan and place the bowl or bottle into the water. Bring the ingredients to a bowl and permit it to heat once to soften them utterly. Take away the bowl or glass from the warmth and permit to chill before adding the carbon.

Mix the ingredients totally. Pour the mixture into a little baggie then push it into a corner. Cut a little portion on the corner to transfer the mixture into recent war paint tube. Artificial war paint doesn't suit every and each person and will end in severe coetaneous sensation and infection.

To induce rid of to the present issue natural war paint is ready reception with a pair of tsp oil, four tsp burn plant gel, ½ – one tsp grated beeswax, one – a pair of capsules of carbon and a clean war paint instrumentality. Combine the oil, burn plant gel and bee wax in an exceedingly pan over a coffee heat then add charcoal into the mixture and store it within the instrumentality.

Foundation Powder

The ingredient for foundation powder depends on upon the colour of the skin. Arrowroot powder suits any skin sort, chocolate darkens and adds richness and French inexperienced clay is helpful for those with red pigments. One tablespoon arrowroot powder is taken and rest ingredients are additional consistent with the skin complexion.

The foundation is the bottom once applying makeup so for this product, you ought to use arrowroot powder because the base. Select among chocolate, nutmeg, or ground cinnamon next or a mix of any of those ingredients. Don’t forget the jojoba, almond, or oil.

To make your foundation, you ought to begin with a teaspoon of arrowroot powder if you have got dark skin or a tablespoon if you have got truthful skin. Slowly add the coconut powder, nutmeg, or ground cinnamon into the combination till you get your required shade.

To form your foundation additional compact, add some jojoba, olive, or oil into the mixture and move till the particles ar all squeezed. simply begin with 5 drops of your selection of oil then keep adding till you have got achieved your required consistency.


The rosy color that is received with the blush is obtained reception with straightforward ingredients. Take 1/4 cup arrowroot powder and one – three teaspoons mallow powder ar mixed along in an exceedingly bowl and desired color is obtained consequently by adding mallow powder pro re nata.


Another cosmetic instruction that's price creating is your terribly own natural war paint. Eyeliners shouldn’t disappear in your makeup kit because it will enhance those lovely eyes of yours. to form one, you'll would like some oil, carbon, and chocolate.

If you wish to form a black war paint, merely mix carbon with oil. On the opposite hand, the chocolate and oil combination can yield brown war paint. Use AN war paint brush to use this makeup on your eyes.

Body Scrub

Dead cells build the skin uninteresting and it's necessary to get rid of them, which may be doable with the appliance of body scrub. The body scrub is ready in house with the appliance of 1- ½ cups refined sugar, ½ cup Organic additional Virgin oil, ⅛ cup raw Honey and ¼ teaspoon of the des0ired scent which can be juice, lavender oil, cinnamon or ground occasional.

All the ingredients are mixed in an exceedingly massive bowl to make a paste, then store it in an exceedingly instrumentality and whereas bathing a vicinity of the hold on mixture is scooped and applied for cleansing.

Lip balm

Lip balm is one amongst the instrumentation of daily necessities that completes the face of a girl because it keeps the lips moisturized and rejuvenated.
It is a cakewalk to form unction with ¼ c grated beeswax, a pair of tablespoons cocoa butter, three tablespoons oil and 1spoon oil. All the ingredients are mixed at low heat and so preserved in an exceedingly instrumentality for getting used as a balm.


It is a necessity to stay the skin moisturized as a result of moisturized skin means that healthy skin. There are bundles of product on the market as a moisturizer within the market, however oil is that the purest natural moisturizing part.

Anti-dandruff treatment

One of the largest hair problems with lots is dandruff. There ar several artificial product on the market within the market, that makes guarantees for fixing this issue, however really, they will conjointly cause aspect effects.

Apple acetum is a natural anti-dandruff treatment; one must simply spray vinegar on the scalp five minutes before laundry the hairs. The hairs are wet or dry; this natural product will certainly serve positive ends up in each cases.

Beauty product is those mates of girls, who are inseparable; the very fact behind this large love is that the need of all and varied to become the centre of attraction of the gang.

However girls are confused relating to the product that satisfies this need as a result of the market is flooded with various products however they're induced by chemicals.

The regular use of chemicals damages the cells of the skin that makes it troublesome for the skin to breathe which can cause skin issues, together with infections, wrinkles, acne, dark spots, pimples and plenty of others.  This drawback is resolved by using product that are home-cured, chemical free and induced with natural substances.

The oil is taken in an exceedingly little amount essentially in drops and so applied on the skin. The most effective issue concerning the oil is that it is applied anyplace on the body, together with elbows, knees, and feet. It’s a tremendous moisturizer however ought to be applied in an exceedingly very little amount otherwise; it'll provides a greasy look to the skin.

As you'll be able to see, creating your own cosmetics means that having additional management on what goes in your makeup. The most effective issue concerning these recipes is that you just will build them anytime and even preventing a couple of greenbacks too.