You might get jealous if we started this with these lines, Columbian women are known to be the sweetest and sexiest females on the planet.  But we understand you are great in making them similar to the angels altogether when you go through this list of beauties that has a mark on beautiful queens of fashion.  One of the stands out quality is that they are passionate and caring due to which they are happy turning old and looking too much prettier and sexist growing old.


Enchanting beauty in the history of Columbia is none other than Shakira, Her hips don’t lie to say that she is so sexy and beautiful for sure.

Her graceful dancing and amazing energy in maintaining her beauty have made her be the iconic women as well.  Her musical sense, voice and seductive moves are simply surprising that no other women can take her place in the Columbian world of fashion and beauty.

Daniela Tamayo

Daniela Tamayo from Medellin is yet another deadly gorgeous woman with the sporting finest body, you can say that she has been a girl with the cinnamon skin and a perfect body with a sexy but that is an addition plus to her beauty by which she became topper in the list of beautiful women.

Sandra Valencia

Sandra is also from Medellin as she was considered to the top fashion student and a model who is famous for her model lingerie catalogue of Besame. She is considered as top fashion models from Latin America that made her look so hot in several top brands like for American no, Diesel, Chevignon, Leonisa and Onda de Mar.

Elizabeth Loaiza

Loaiza has begun her modelling career at a very early stage when she is just 4 years old, she stopped with the obstacles tough have won beauty pageant contest Miss Mundo Colombia (Miss World Colombia) in 2006. She has been the toughest kick of hottest beauty ever.  Maybe she is more popular with the pictures on Twitter and Instagram.

Zulay Henao

“If Loving You Is Wrong.”  Which is Oprah Winfrey Network Series, Zulay Henao played a lead role, she is from Medellín, and however, she immigrated to New Jersey along with her family. She is certainly moved to the topping our list of “Hot Girls Who Could Kick Our Ass.”

Catalina Otalvaro

If you ask for the younger version of Adrian Lima, she is Medellin born a beautiful girl. She is known for posing in a barely-there thong bikini for SoHo magazine, including a cover of magazines like Host, and Don Juan.

Lucía Aldana

Aldana is certainly considered as model look hot and sexy, She holds that title of Miss Colombia 2012. Although she represented Colombia for the contest Miss Universe for the years 2013 and 2014, she lost it due to another Colombian woman named Paulina Vega as Miss Universe 2014.

Danna García

Danna Gracia is a model and actress who choose to model at some point in her life. She has been awarded multiple times for her acting and is one of the highest paid Colombian actresses.

Camila and Mariana Davalos

Davalos sisters are two incredibly beautiful non-identical twin sisters, got into modelling career together at the age of 10. They had been successful models and made a breakthrough in their homeland for underwear catalogue for label Bésame. Soho TV show in 2010 made them popular.

Carla Ossa

Ossa is from Medellin, Colombia started modelling at the age of 12, used to be a model for children clothes. She made a comeback to the modelling world several years later as unbearably hot babe as took a great break to be looking hot.  Jaun Escobar made her look hot in the music video for the song Vivir.

So that you are aware of the beauties from Columbia we are ought to get the beauties from all parts of the world. Keep smiling and subscribe to our video channel.