Women love to add colour to their life always, do you think there isn't a specific reason for it, if you ask me about it, I will definitely say yes, because we are born with capacity of detecting more colours we are adding more colours for enhancing our beauty more and more. Here are some of the best designs for the beginers in applying Mehandi. 



Mehandi is applied in every simple occasion now -a - days; Most of the women love to get that cute little reddishness which can make their hands more loveable to their loved ones.

Mehandi is very good for health as well, Outcome is fashionable and ultimate is good to health, I believe that it is good to go, try avoiding harmful chemical based ones that are mostly available in the markets.

Prepare your own stuff at your home. It’s very easy going on with preparing this.

You can get a polythene bag or a cover that can be fold-able like a mehandi cone and fill it with the paste of mehandi powder mixed with equal quantities of butter milk and lemon juice.  Fix it up like a cone with the help of plaster or pin it up so that it can be easy to apply on hand.

This is good for health and for your cute little hands too. Come on, girls let start trying it out at home and start making our hands more colorful in occasions like kitty parties and college parties. Learn it until you get the best out of it. Keep trying we will get the best meanwhile.