Are you passionate about Cat walk – How to walk Like a Catwalk Model.

Why walk like a cat- why not like any other ones like dob, pig, monkey etc… sounds funny right, quite simple answer is women love to be the attractive poster, when she carry herself in the public, and we would like to walk the best possible way to present our outfits and physique in a classy way to be applauded by so many people.

Women love to be fashion spook with new innovative ideas for dressing and being more passionate about looking awesome.

Your Facial Expression:

Facial expressions are women owned property to make sure that she loves to express herself by simple facial gestures.

Walk like a Cat:

You always have to carry your attitude with chin facing slightly down and make sure that you don’t hand up or droop your head. It must never be a invisible string that is attached right on top of your head with an attitude of person who can be confident in what you wear and carry yourself on ramp. When you keep your chin slightly tilted down will add angle to your face that lend you a little bit of attitude.

Smile with face and eyes not with mouth and teeth:

Yes, you heard it right; keep your mouth in closed position with the smile on your face with eyes and face. You should wear a smile along with the clothes, this must be internal happiness that is to be carried on the top of the world that can be happy always.
If you wanna ask me how to look with inner smile, simple answer is feel happy thinking that you are the queen on the ramp, smile automatically comes in your eyes and face. True happiness gives the purest smile.

For example, ask your friend “How do I look like on ramp?”.
True friend will obviously say your look and attire including your attitude on floor.

We will get some more tips just for you very soon.