You will love some of the best collectioms that are wardrobe centric.

The Kardashians

A very familiar pose for anyone who's ever tried to take a good group photo in a bathroom on NYE: Kim, Khloe, and Kardashian finding the right light in 2009.

Paris Hilton

Here, 2005 is all flapper feathers and a babydoll dress, because *The Zombies voice* "it's the time of the seeeason."

Chloë Sevigny

A  Throwback photo of me looking effortless stylish and having the time of my life (actually a photo of Chloë Sevigny at a 2008 NYE party, alas).

Nicole Richie

Sequins? Check. Mini dress? Check. The most accessible look on this entire list? Also check.

Lady Gaga

See every "Lady Gaga at New Year's" look ever for your eternal style inspiration.

Nicki Minaj

Pat McGrath would be *very* proud of this sparkly eyeshadow look. Slay on, Nicki.

Jennifer Lopez

Sequined nude bodysuit and fur? Honestly, same. Here, Lopez performing at NYE 2010 in Times Square.

Demi Lovato

Wearing the classic New Yorker uniform—all black and desperately avoiding puffer jackets—here's Demi Lovato performing in Times Square.

Laverne Cox

"What, like it's cold outside?"

Christina Milian

Milian performing at Pitbull's NYE party in 2016 wearing a bodysuit with a black cumberbund and knee-length boots with cutouts. Who needs pants when you're this fabulous?

Taylor Swift

Here, archival footage of the Old Taylor: sparkly waistcoat, a cropped top, and high waisted pants. R.I.P.

Victoria Justice

Mixed media—jewel tones, fur, *and* sequins—when you want to cover all your bases.

Whitney Port

A gentle reminder that jewel tones are a perfect middle ground for those who hate wearing black but also despise sparkles.