Most of us have the curiosity to know who might be the richest families; Forbes released its third annual list of America's richest families for the year 2016 that say that these families are collectively worth $722 billion.

Most of the shares and discrepancy in value grows wider as the list goes moving up and down as per the values that are great in the society and the top five families proved to be worth almost $40 billion more than the rest of the 20 families.

Let us see that the outliners of these Walton, Koch and Mars families net worth exceeds $50 billion each. The Walton family alone is worth more than the bottom 10 families on the list.



Net Worth

Origin of Wealth

(Billion $'s)

 Walton family 130.00   Wal-Mart
 Koch family 82.00   Diversified
 Mars family 78.00   
 Cargill-MacMillan family 49.00   Cargill Inc.
   5   Cox family 41.00   Media
 S.C. Johnson family 30.00   Cleaning products
 Pritzker family 29.00   HOTELS investments
 (Edward) Johnson family 28.50 

 Money Management

 Hearst family 28.00   Hearst Corp.
10   Duncan family 21.50   Pipelines
11   Newhouse family 18.50   Magazines, cable TV
12   Lauder family 17.90   Estee Lauder
13   Dorrance family                17.10   Campbell Soup Co
14   Ziff family 14.40   Publishing
15   Du Pont family 14.30   DuPont (chemicals)
16   Hunt family 13.70   OIL
 17   Goldman family 13.70   real estate
 18   Busch family 13.40   Anheuser-Busch
 19   Sackler family 13.00   Pain medicines
 20   Brown family 12.30   Liquor
21   Marshall family 12.00   Diversified
22   Mellon family 11.50   Banking
23   Butt family 11.00   supermarkets
 24   Rockefeller family 11.00   Oil

Walton Family

Christy Walton and her son Lukas Walton are the founders of Wal-Mart's and their stocks boosted up. Christy Lukas Walton with an estimated net value of $130 billion till the next financial year will certainly rock the business hunches. It has currently 11,530 stores globally and with the revenue of $482 billion during the 2016 fiscal year, according to its annual report.

Koch Family

Koch Industries are took over by Charles and David Koch, this is currently the second-largest private corporation in the world. Most of the corporation activities involve in chemical technology and mining, to raising cattle for beef. The Koch family’s net worth is estimated at $82 billion for the fiscal year 2016.

Mars Family

The Mars family owns Mars, Inc. this is a privately held corporation that deal with consumables, particularly sweets such as Skittles, Starburst, Snickers and more if you might bought bag of candy or chocolate bar somewhere in the world then you might have seen this for sure. The net worth is estimated at $78 billion by the Mars family’s.

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