Quick to the history as a short brief, people have been drinking Moscow Mules for some time now, and the drink is currently enjoying a delicious resurgence in popularity. Invented in 1941, the mule was created due to a need to clean out the bar’s cellar for (presumably) unfavourable ingredients such as ginger beer. It initially caught popularity amongst the Hollywood elite, and is always served in a copper mug.

VonShef Barrel Style Moscow Mule Mugs

Get a modern twist on a classic design when you go back to black with these stylish mugs that keep your drinks cool for much longer than glass.  Available in other colors as well, comes in Set of 2 that is copper coated stainless steel has 16 oz mugs.

Solid Copper Mugs Moscow Mule Copper Mug

Choose quality and quantity with this pure copper 22 ounce mug with a leak-proof handle that’s perfect for any mixologist, aspiring or professional. 99.9% copper and 22 oz mug.

Anthropologie Caldley Moscow Mule Mug

We like a mug that comes with a personality of its own. Get ornate style with this footed Moscow Mule cup with an elegant curved handle reminiscent of Chip in The Beauty and the Beast.  This is called Footed mug made up of brass and copper, 14 oz mug.

Urban Outfitters Copper Stemless Glasses Set

Embrace the stemless trend with these, pretty shiny mugs made out of stainless steel that also double quite well as vessels for white wine. This is Stainless steel and dishwasher safe, 12 oz glasses.

Riches & Lee Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set

Get the full Moscow Mule experience with this 7-piece set. It comes with two hammered copper mugs, two copper straws, coasters, and a shot glass to measure out all that good, good booze. This is hammered style that is 100% genuine copper and this set includes two mugs and a shot glass, 18 oz mugs.

Crate and Barrel Moscow Mule Copper Mug

Totally maintenance-free, this pretty and polished mug uses stainless steel with a coppery finish to get the job done and has a protective lacquer finish to keep your copper fresh and shiny. Stainless steel with copper finish that is 16 oz mug.

Willow & Everett Moscow Mule Copper Mugs with Shot Glass

This set of two authentic mugs comes complete with a shot glass and is made out of 100% pure copper, ensuring your mule stays ice cold as long as you’re able to resist drinking it. This comes in pure copper Set of two mugs.

Williams-Sonoma Hammered Copper Mug

These polished copper mugs are handcrafted by artisans in Turkey and have generous curved handles and a tin lining that keeps your cocktail cooler for longer. Cheers. This is Hammered style, 16 oz mug.
Advanced Mixology Set of 2 Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

These mugs go through a 32-point quality check to ensure that everything is up to swirl, and is made by a master craftsman who trains for at least ten years to make the mug you should definitely be sipping from.  Comes in Set of 2, 100% pure copper.

Kamojo Mule Moscow Mule Pure Copper Mug Set

Embossed with a totally unique and ornate design, these copper mugs are made to impress guests and also make for a fabulous housewarming gift sure to secure another invite. Set of 4 mugs, includes copper stir sticks, embossed copper detailing, 16 oz mugs.

It’s concocted out of vodka (or gin, if you prefer), spicy ginger beer, lime juice, and is garnished with a slice or wedge of lime. Remember the copper mug part? Integral to serving a proper Moscow Mule, we’ve got the top mugs perfect for serving the deliciously tart cocktail. What are you waiting for? Time to plan your next party.