There was hot news that posted by someone on social media that this car is gifted by a Mumbai man who loves his valentine for making this possible as she loves money a lot.

This is Myth posted online: A Mumbai man, for whom love clearly knows no financial limits, gifts his lady love a new car covered with Rs.2000 notes for Valentine's Day.

In fact this went viral in social media as this sounded funny and weird to gift something like this. So, most of them reacted to this by their comments and likes.

However Fact is : You might be making number of pranks on many things, but not of being unromantic.

This photo was merely a trickster's naughty imagination at play as this might make him famous. These 'notes' are fake and the car belongs to a rental company, for a running promotion in Pune when this photo was taken.

This is month of fooling. We suggest you not to believe everything posted online, just like that. Understand that APRIL is fooling month.