Most of us are happy with the present hairstyle but summer styles are followed by celebs. Let us see some of the cute ideas for a styling attire.

Sunset Hair

A fiery way for brunettes to lighten up for summer is reminiscent of the most dizzying summer sunsets. Brighten the face with vivid babylights around the hairline.

Pewter Blonde

A platinum dye job that skews slightly silver. Poppy warms things up with hints of gold around the face.

Auburn Balayage

If you want more dimension in your dark hair, channel Selena Gomez's auburn-hued balayage.

Surfer Balayage

Cool Hairstyles are there to nail the summer soft baby lights with brighter mega-watt highlights around the face.

Jet Black

If you want to buck the norm completely, go for a matte, jet-black dye job, inherently sleek and looks killer with a sun-kissed glow.

Creamy Platinum

Yes, golden hues are tempting during the warmer month milky white blonde it's flattering on skin tone.