A white treat to evince rejoice within you, that’s how a smile can be described. Whiter teeth give a more appealing smile, but getting the teeth white is a hectic task. Even though you brush twice a day, this is the one thing that cannot be guaranteed. The whiter part is called as enamel, but the enamel is prone to get stained imparting a yellowish shade. 

The composition of human teeth is a complex mixture of calcium, phosphate and water along with other minerals. The fact is that it is very easy to get your teeth stained whereas it is kind of difficult to keep it white, but once you know the secret behind teeth this task would no longer be your nightmare. 
Know your teeth
Teeth are the hardest structure inside the human body, which is classified into two sections, the upper crown and the lower root. Crown is the part that we all see when you grin, whereas root acts more like a pillar helps in keeping the teeth fixed on the mouth cavity. The outer coating of the crown is enamel which is 95% mineral along with water and other minerals made up of a compound known as hydroxyapatite. 
The enamel is the part of our concern which is a 2.5mm thick layer on the crown. Right beneath enamel is the dentin which protects the pulp cavity, where the core of the teeth is pulp which has blood vessels and nerves in them accounting for the nutrition supply. 
Some Do’s and Don’ts
Well, certainly there are things you must avoid to reduce in order to get that blazing smile. Let us take a look at them:
Change your toothbrush once in every 2-3 months
Eat veggies rich in fibre 
Brush your tongue 
Mouthwash will do good for your mouth, so feel free to try them
Rinse clean your mouth after citrus treats like orange, lemon etc.
Consumption of food items like soy sauce, marinara sauce, blueberries, pomegranates, blackberries etc. They can visibly cause staining to your teeth which are harder to get rid of. 
Booster beverages some of the drinks like Coffee, tea, red wine are known to cause staining of teeth
Never clean your teeth with baking soda, though it’s a respectful cleaner for households, it is not meant for human teeth, the abrasiveness wipes away the healthy enamel exposing teeth vulnerable to decay.
Try it yourself
Here are some methods that can help you get a whiter teeth
Take aid of a whitening toothpaste
There are toothpastes available in market that’s has tiny micro abrasive substances in them which helps your teeth scratch off the stain from outer enamel without causing damage to the enamel structure. 
Dental Hygiene
Brushing twice a day, gargling with saline, cleaning your tongue, these are practices that can promise you a healthy oral hygiene.
H2O2 Bleach
Hydrogen peroxide is a very good bleaching agent approved by American Dental Association as a safe practice to be adopted for whiter teeth. 
Dentist for Help
It is very advisable to reach a dentist for teeth cleaning, they have safe practice to help you get a whiter teeth.
Here you might have got the brief idea on how to do good for your oral health, just follow the healthy practices along with some tricks and tips, there you get your white fairies.