Walking, standing, running, moving all the day will almost make the day tired and your feet get tired and pained after all the day stress.

Feet Spa is something which can drain the wallets is not mandatory always. You can simply sit in your home and get the same benefits of relaxation and beautiful feet.

Feet spa can make your feet feel soothing and relaxed and obviously softer and beautiful skin of the feet.
Steps for Feet Spa.

Take a large bowl or foot basin that can be good for your feet to soak.

Fill it up with warm water; you might want to check the resistance of the heat to your feet.

Make sure that your feet are soaked in the water for almost 25 minutes rubbing your feet with your fingertips, as this might be soothing as a massage to your feet.

Warm water will be the best way to remove your dirt from your feet, and Epsom salt will provide a soothing effect and relax your feet. Whenever you get the time you can also relax your feet by this way.

Then take a pedicure set, brush your feet smoothly and remove the dead skin at your nails and heel. Remove the feet from the water clean it with a neat towel and pat it dry.

Apply massage cream and leave your feet for at least 20 minutes and then pat dry. You can now see your feet being happy with a cute smile.

Water and apple cider are also another good treatment as foot spa. Add 3 tbsp of apple cider to the warm water and mix them well.

Let your feet soak for 20-30 minutes. Use a pumice stone to remove the dead skin and make sure that you use cuticles to remove dead skin on your toes as well. Rinse well after you do that with fresh water and apply massage lotion or cream and leave your feet for 20 minutes and then pat dry or leave it overnight.

Feet spa is always preferable at night time as your feet might take the time to relax all over the night and make sure that you apply the cream on your feet. Happy feet can make wonders all through the day. You can leave your comments and feedback for us to get more and more tips.