Do you have any scents that you simply thought you just detested however when many years you completed you were wrong? as an example, I believed I invariably detested lavender. Yes, lavender! Lavender possesses to be one in every of those scents that just about everybody in the world enjoys, nevertheless I grew up disliking it.

Now because the years went on and that I got into creating my very own skin care product, I used to be introduced to lavender again…only this point I used to be introduced to the $64000 deal…
Apparently, most of the lavender I had been exposed to in my early years was the pretend stuff. Real lavender smells slightly completely different and will not overwhelm my senses just like the pretend stuff does. thus currently I realize that I truly do get pleasure from lavender.
Lavender is thought for its quiet properties. It’s the primary selection for many individuals once it involves calming down and sleeping. However, lavender will rather more than that or rather ought to I say that a bit like it will quiet down your mind, it may also quiet down your skin. as a result of lavender is anti-inflammatory drug it will facilitate soothe and calm your skin that is nice for anyone coping with irritated or red skin. Lavender may also facilitate dry skin become softer that naturally is ideal with you're creating associate degree exfoliating DIY lavender sugar scrub.
In addition to lavender, I prefer to use jojoba oil for this scrub. Jojoba oil mimics your skin’s scleroprotein and it’s one in every of the nearest oils to your own skin’s natural oils (sebum). It’s a natural choice for any and every one skin varieties and a bit like lavender, it’s conjointly associate degree anti-inflammatory!
Certified organic jojoba oil could be a howling team player therein whereas it's splendidly moisturizing (great for those with dry skin), it's conjointly useful for those with oily skin as a result of it will trick our skin into thinking it's made enough secretion and so less oil on our skin. Jojoba Oil could be a pretty spectacular oil for all skin types!
This DIY lavender sugar scrub is incredibly easy to create. (I love easy, don’t you?) you merely would like four ingredients and many stars. Transfer it to your favourite jar and you're ready for a pleasant calming scrub. Tie a reasonable ribbon around it and suddenly you've got the right very little gift to give!
DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub Instruction
One cup sugar (certified organic, raw sugar)
1/2 cup jojoba oil (certified organic, unrefined jojoba oil)
One tbsp dried lavender (certified organic lavender flowers)
Twelve drops lavender volatile oil (certified organic lavender essential oil)
 Mason jar(s), spoon, bowl
Make It
Take a tiny bowl, stir the sugar and jojoba oil.
Add in dried lavender and lavender essential oils.
Transfer to associate degree air tight jar.
I currently embody it in several DIY products like seasoning bathtub teas, seasoning face steams, lavender laundry soap, lavender vinegar hair rinses, and currently this lavender sugar scrub. There extremely are such a large amount of uses for lavender!