Why this turmeric is best for the skin, this is getting popular day by day this is recommended that turmeric can be used for masks even for the acne.

Turmeric is a natural ingredient that has always been great for skin tone improvement. Turmeric is a natural root that has anti-inflammatory properties that are best for the various skin conditions, one of which is acne and pimples.

Turmeric for Acne and Pimples

Turmeric is best for pimples and acne most of the Asian countries have been using this turmeric for thousands of years as this help in destroying the bacteria that causes the removal of oil from the skin.

Turmeric has curcumin present in turmeric is best for reducing the inflammation, reddishness, swelling and pain.

Turmeric has anti fungal and antibacterial characteristics this is best for killing the bacteria and it's anti- septic property this can prevent deposition of bacterial infection from the skin pores.

It is a natural ingredient that is a safe solution for acne breakouts and scars that have no side effects.

Turmeric Face Masks for Acne Scars

Turmeric and Honey Face mask

Honey and Turmeric are natural and attacks the bacteria that can heal the skin, it can also heal scars and rejuvenates the skin.

Take 4 tablespoon honey and 2 tablespoon turmeric powder and mix them to make a thick face pack.

Apply this pack evenly on your face and avoid the eyes and eyebrows.

Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off with Luke warm water and then pat dry.

Make sure that you use this pack for a month on a regular basis when you get time and free to relax.

Turmeric and Lemon Face Mask

Both Turmeric and Lemon have anti-bacterial properties that are used in this pack. This face mask is used for both brightenings the skin, that gives glowing complexion and clears the pores and impurities on the skin.

Lemon helps in balancing the skin and react towards acne scars if you add oats in this face pack can make the pack messy but it can act as a scrub and skin tone enhancer too.

Now take 3 tablespoons of rolled oats into the blender and blend it like flour.

Take a bowl and add 1 tablespoon honey and ½ teaspoon turmeric with little lemon juice.

Mix all the ingredients and make it like a thick pack to apply it on your clean face and leave it to dry for 20-30 minutes. Now rinse off and clean it well with warm water. Pat, it dry and applies some mild moisturiser that can balance the acidic nature of lemon used in the pack.

Turmeric Powder with Gram Flour, Jojoba Oil, and Lime Juice Pack

1 tbsp Turmeric Powder
1 tbsp Gram Flour
1 tbsp Jojoba Oil
1 tbsp Lemon Juice
1-3 tbsp of Milk

Take a clean bowl and add all the ingredients turmeric powder, gram flour, jojoba oil, now checking the mixture is well mixed add lime juice and mix well. Now add milk to the paste like a pack

Start applying this pack in a circular motion on your complete face and leave it for 20 minutes to dry.

Rinse off with Cool water and pat dry.

Make sure that you apply this pack twice a week for better results.

You can check out the combination of anti-bacterial properties of jojoba oil, the exfoliating effect of lime juice along with turmeric powder and cleansing effect of gram flour, deserves this pack to be best for acne.

Main disadvantage about turmeric is causing yellow stains on your face, however, if this can be mixed with any other ingredients and by washing your face properly will clear this problem too. This is safe for skin and is effective.

We would love to share your experiences with us as feedback and trust me it is going to be wonderful natural ingredient without any side effects.