What can pamper your skin well, your skin need something which is special for you, reduce your age, take care of your skin, make it little more chubby for your loved ones to say, looking so cute.
Benefits of Mud Mask 
Skin Exfoliation 
Intense Moisturize 
Reducing Blemishes 
Complete Skin Care 
Healthy Scalp Treatment 
Healthy Hair Treatment 
Heal Aching Joints
Fuller’s Earth or ‘Multani Mitti’ Clay Mask
Most of the mud masks are to be the best ingredient which is considered as the organic or purely herbal product. As the composition of Fuller’s Earth is primarily clay mineral such as montmorillonite, kaolinite and attapulgite.
Maybe we have to mention that Fuller's earth is being used in India, from the Royal ages till now, it is a cleansing pack for acne, pimples, blemishes, this widely used in the beauty industry for skin and hair care.  You can say that this has the oil absorption capacity that is a boon for oily skin. It has a soothing effect in a hot summer.

Dead Sea Mud Mask
Dead sea mud mask is packed with minerals like sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, boron, iron and strontium, due to which this can be considered as best all over the world. Due to its therapeutic effects stimulate the blood circulation of the body, removing dead skin, impurities from all over the skin, lightens skin tone, also useful natural remedy for scalp psoriasis, eczema and hair loss. 
Most of us are don't know that this is also useful to reduce the appearance of cellulite and relieves knee pain from Osteoarthritis. This mud is found mostly on the banks of the dead sea, mineral-rich alluvial silt that is deposited on the sea shore from years together. 

French Clay Mud Mask

French Green Clay, French Pink Clay, French Yellow Clay and French Red Clay are the top most products that are popular over the period of time. 
This is really a boon product for the people who have oily skin as this opens the pores of oil producing places on face and body and try reducing them. You can rely on the astringent properties of French clay as it open pores and smooth out the wrinkles, leaving an ageless skin forever. This can be used as an anti-aging mud mask. 
You might have got an idea of mud masks giving clarity on the best one available to give you a smooth and age- less skin. Let us be great in using them with the lovable comfort with these packs naturally at home.