Getting temporary henna design on one's hands and arms may be a common trend, particularly among young women and kids.

But with some horror stories rising, like the incident of a seven-year-old woman within the UK suffered chemical burns once obtaining black henna tattoo whereas on vacation in Egypt in Gregorian calendar month, it's best to exercise caution once it involves choosing and victimisation henna.

Dr Suzanne Cheng, authority at the National Skin Centre, says: "Many individuals have the misperception that henna is natural and organic and thus it should be safe. However they fail to grasp that this solely applies to pure henna," Pure henna may be a plant that, once crushed, is wont to confer associate orangey hue to skin.

"It doesn't tend to cause any skin issues," says Dr Cheng.

"The majority of skin issues related to henna use is attributed to the PPD (paraphenylene-diamine) that's intercalary to pure henna to grant it a dark brown or black color and to hasten drying."PPD, she explains, is that the same substance that's intercalary to hair dyes to darken their color.

Some individuals become allergic to PPD. On 1st exposure, there's typically very little or no rash, however upon later exposures, a susceptible person might develop associate intense, itchy, blistering rash among twenty four to forty eight hours.

Dr Cheng adds: "The rash typically settles among one to 2 weeks of the henna tattoo's removal. However, it will leave terribly ugly marks that may take several months to fade."

One of the explanations for the dearth of knowledge on the topic, she says, is that "henna tattooists themselves area unit unaware of the potential risks of allergic dermatitis and thus don't counsel their shoppers properly beforehand".

So, to make sure a secure and fun expertise with henna, there aret 3 things in-tuned in mind:
If you propose to shop for the henna yourself, continually check the ingredients list to visualize if it contains PPD. If you're obtaining a henna application at a salon, raise the employees if their merchandise contain PPD.

If it's your 1st time obtaining henna done, then, a bit like coloring hair, it's price doing what's referred to as associate open application take a look at forty eight to seventy two hours before. Apply alittle quantity of henna product on a patch of traditional, balding skin on the inner forearm, behind the ear or on the facet of the neck. If there's redness, itching or flaking at the take a look at spot among seventy two hours, then you'll be allergic to the merchandise.

Remember that associate allergic reaction might develop solely once perennial use. this implies that an individual might have had henna applications many times within the past delicately, however might afterwards develop a skin reaction once perennial exposure.