Most them are looking at why this article is written, but if I say that coffee can also be a beauty enhancer then you might certainly want to read this article for sure.

Coffee is not only used to drink but it has a number of benefits for skin as a coffee powder. What are the advantages of coffee powder as a natural beauty product? How is it beneficial for skin? How to make a coffee scrub that removes the unwanted impurities from the skin and keeps the skin radiant.

Coffee contains caffeine, in spite having a lot of useful compounds that have natural anti-oxidant properties that can be fighting against free radicals and this can make your skin radiant always and get your skin to stop ageing.

Most of the coffee powder which is pure and powder look like a scrub. This coffee powder acts as a natural exfoliate on skin, body and face that can be removing the dirt, blackheads and cleans the pores that can be smooth on the skin as it doesn’t harm the skin.

Application of coffee on places like thighs, buttocks, skin wrinkled which makes the skin look unappealing and removed the normal fat beneath the skin as it can reduce the cellulite from the body, which is called as fat beneath the skin.

How to make coffee Scrub?

Let us see some of the coffee scrubs that are great beauty enhancers.

Coffee Powder, Glycerine and Coconut Oil

This scrub is suitable for all the skin types as this has a mixture of substances that suits all the skin types.
Take 2 tbsp of coffee powder and ½ tbsp of glycerine and ½ tbsp of coconut oil to make this scrub, make sure that the quantities are correct not more or less than this can benefit the skin tone.

Glycerine gives moisture and hydrates skin, whereas coconut oil gives the antiseptic and hydrating look on skin keeping it soft and smoothens skin during winter season this scrub is good to use as this is the season that we lose moisture on the skin and leaves it dry.

Coffee Powder, Honey and Olive Oil

This scrub is best for Normal skin and dry skin. Take 2 tbsp of coffee powder and 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tbsp of olive oil and make it paste and apply this on skin and body.
Honey acts as a moisturiser and olive oil acts as an anti-oxidant and hydrating effect on both skin and hair.

Coffee Powder, Orange Peel and Milk

Orange peel should be taken and dry those under sunlight for a week make sure that they are completely dry and then grind them into a fine powder.
Take 2 tbsp of coffee powder, ½ tbsp of orange peel powder and ½ tbsp of milk to make this scrub and apply this on your face and body. Orange are a rich source of vitamin C this is great for skin. Milk is a natural cleanser and lightens the skin tone as well.

Coffee Powder, Sugar and Olive Oil

This is one of the simple scrub and beneficial for skin which can be done at home. Take 2 tbsp of coffee powder, 2 tbsp of olive oil and 2 tbsp of brown sugar(known as cane sugar that is available in the form of brown powdered sugar) and mix this well and use them on your face and body.

The natural texture of sugar will be acting as a scrubbing agent and the exfoliating property of coffee powder will make your skin to relieve from dirt and impurities on the body.

Keep in Mind all these simple tips While Using These Coffee Scrubs

Whenever you take coffee powder please don’t forget to check the expiry date of it as this can lead to some other reactions on your skin that leads to damage.

We recommend you to make fresh scrub every time. Do not prepare it well advance with huge quantities and store it.

We know that most of the people love the coffee smell, however, if you don’t like it then make sure that add 2 drops of vanilla essence or any oils that can overcome it.

Using this scrub for at least twice a week can get great and desired results.

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