From electrical blue make-up and hot pink blush to bushy brows and opaque lips . . . is it any surprise some trends from the past one hundred years did not stand the take a look at of time? Make-up and hairstyles have modified drastically down the generations, with our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers sporting appearance that currently appear candid or flaky.

But retro beauty is creating a comeback. Max Factor, Charlotte Tilbury, and Bobbi Brown are merchandising product common within the Forties and Fifties, from pan stick foundation to dam makeup — and they’re flying off the shelves.

Meanwhile, vintage beauty tutorials are painful up several views online, with how-to videos showing us straightforward ways in which of recreating the hair and make-up of favor icons from history, together with Monroe, Farrah Fawcett, and Brigitte Bardot.

Sarah Rainey experimented with celebrity make-up artists Oonagh Connor and vintage hairstylist Natasha Hall to seek out that retro era suited her best

‘This classic appearance still build ladies lovely, instead of simply being passing fads,’ says Louise Young, a number one make-up creator and author of recent book Timeless: A Century Of painting appearance, that details classic beauty techniques from the 1890s to the current day and the way you'll recreate them.

‘The previous Hollywood appearance is quite straightforward and might be custom-made to any face form or complexion,’ she adds. ‘Thanks to social media like YouTube and Instagram, wherever specialists will share their tips and techniques, ladies are feeling additional sporting.’

Louise will advise finding real pictures of the age you're recreating, as several social media tutorials are inaccurate.

So, what will we tend to learn from the wonder trends of the past? might techniques geological dating from thirty, forty or maybe one hundred years past be the key to fuller lips, contoured cheeks, and long, flap eyelashes?

With the assistance of celebrity make-up creator Oonagh Connor and vintage hairstylist Natasha Hall, I took a walk down memory lane —with shocking (and, at times, surprisingly familiar) results . . .


The minimalist makeup of the Nineties gave Sarah a sublime look fashionable the upper categories of the age

With their high collars, severe expressions and hair gathered in an exceeding variety of inverted mushroom, Victorian beauty ideals were distinctive, to mention the smallest amount.

Women wore bottom make-up: light-weight gray shading on the eyes and brows, the palest foundation (a ceramic ware complexion was aforesaid to indicate the distinction between a girl and a girl of socio-economic class, United Nations agency was additional doubtless to pay her days outdoors) and simply a touch of a red stain on the lips.

The hairstyle of the age was the ‘pompadour’ — named once lady Delaware Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV — wherever the hair was turned up from the forehead and around the face in an exceedingly roll.

As a Downton Abbey buff, I can’t wait to undertake this look. Oonagh uses pale ivory foundation and plenty of white powder to urge my skin tone right, followed by soft rose blusher, the gray shadow around my eyes and plum lipstick, that she blots to form it look pale.

Natasha curls my hair in wide rollers, before exploitation lots of hairsprays to mend it on high of my head. To that, she adds a curled garb, which provides my ’do volume and height.

The hair is significant, however, i really like the refined, less-is-more make-up. I feel elegant, however lordly, just like the widow woman peeress of Grantham.


She admits that she did not feel entirely snug in her Nineteen Twenties look particularly owing to the ultra-thin brows common of the age

The Roaring Twenties, a decade epitomised by the bobbed hair and cupid’s bow lips, was a stark distinction to the austere appearance of the past.

Max issue brought make-up to the lots, and Maybelline makeup — named once the inventor’s sister, Mabel, United Nations agency wont to coat her lashes with petroleum jelly — was fancied in 1915.

Women wore white and pink-tinged make-up, typically applied with a puff made of swansdown, whereas blusher came in an exceedingly paste or powder. one among the foremost putting parts favored by Flappers was the eyebrows, that were beardless off and drawn back on.

To recreate this look, Oonagh applies a pale foundation and rings my eyes with creamy gray make-up. She puts dark rose blusher on the apples of my cheeks and applies plum-colored lipstick. Then she uses concealer to camouflage the undersides of my eyebrows.

This sharp-fringed bob was popularised by vampish actress Clara Bow. As I’m unwilling to risk such a severe chop, Natasha ties my hair in an exceeding hairstyle and tucks it in at the backside of my neck to form a bob, before adding a pretend fringe (hairpieces, made of nylon stockings full of hair, were common at the time, too). With my full cheeks and pale skin, I’m unsure this look is on behalf of me, particularly the ultra-thin brows. I look less silent principal and additional like I’m for good shocked.


Sarah's Thirties look was galvanized by the exciting screen stars of the time together with actress and Garbo

Glossy Hollywood films set the tone for beauty within the Thirties, with ladies coveting all the spirited, exciting appearance of screen stars like actress and Garbo.

Eyebrows were arched, tanned skin became additional modern (in distinction to the paleness of the Twenties) and lipsticks began to be sold-out in brighter colors, together with coral and purple.

Younger women wore cake makeup, a solid block of make-up that was activated by water — or additional typically, within the absence of a faucet, spit.

Magazines explained a way to win celebrities’ appearance, together with finger waving their hair, a fragile technique that concerned pinching the hair between the fingers and brushing it in alternating directions.

Oonagh uses bronzer to form my skin golden and copper-colored make-up to relinquish my eyes a mournful look. She applies barely of orange-red blusher and a modern red color to my lips, not dissimilar to the shade I’d wear nowadays.

The hair, though, is way outside my temperature. Natasha plaits my hairstyle and fixes the braid around the high of my head sort of a hairband, before exploitation heavy-duty grips and straighteners to make tight curls around my face, that she sets in situ with spray. after I look in the mirror, I will barely believe my eyes: I look specifically like my gran. I’ve ne'er seen the likeness before however, dressed like this, we tend to maybe sisters.


She disclosed that the Forties look was her favorite owing to the female sophistication achieved from the sensible hairdo and exciting conjure

By now, ladies were grip make-up, giving a glam, groomed image on the house Front to spice up troops’ morale throughout war II. A unflawed complexion was fascinating, with full, red lips.

Max issue launched its Pan Stik foundation in 1948, furthermore as Pan-Cake, a fine-grained compact originally created to be used on-screen, that became a bestseller.

At a time once eighty percent of ladies worked in factories, hair designs were sensible, with ‘victory rolls’ — voluminous curls that framed the face, named once the maneuver performed by military craft — commonplace.

Oonagh provides my skin a shininess with creamy foundation, then uses white makeup pencil in my inner eye corners and on the lower rims to embellish my eyes. She applies false lashes — that were sold-out in London from 1903, made of human hair plain-woven through gauze — to widen them any.

My hair is curled at the rear and place into a loose web to stay the ringlets in situ, whereas {the high|the highest} is split into 3 sections and clipped on top of my head in neat, trendy rolls. this can be my favorite look of the lot: I feel assured, female and complex.


Her Nineteen Fifties look marks the first days of contouring with make-up favoring pink shades

Beauty within the Fifties was straightforward, pared-back and stylish. The doe-eyed look created far-famed by the model Jean Patchett, photographed for the duvet of Vogue in 1950, marked the beginning of a stress on eyes.

Brown and lilac eyeshadows were common and make-up was flicked at the corners. False eyelashes became a make-up bag essential, as did soap Factor’s Creme Puff,  all-in-one cream, and powder that gave ladies the looks of unflawed skin.

Hairstyles ranged from pageboy cuts to Canis familiaris curls, and ladies began coloring their hair reception, galvanized by the last word bottle blonde, Monroe.

Stuck with my brunette locks, Natasha scrapes my hair back to a hairstyle — creating Pine Tree State appear as if a prim and correct Stepford married person.

My make-up is girlie and coquettish: pink lips, uncountable blusher and a flick of black liner at the outer edges of my eyes, that elongates my lashes superbly.

These were the first days of contouring — the modern technique whereby completely different reminder foundation emphasize ingratiating options of the face — and it will wonder for my non-existent cheekbones.


Sarah says the Sixties look created her face want it absolutely was caked in make-up. the design was galvanized by Twiggy's communication that set the trend of the last decade

Women very used make-up to specific themselves within the Swinging Sixties, trying to icons like female parent Quant, Jean Shrimpton and twiglike to line the trends of the last decade.

Everything was larger and bolder: make-up was heavier and flicks additionally pronounced, makeup was thicker, lips were glossier and hair was backcombed into large beehives.

Pond’s Cold Cream, recently praised by the singer throwing stick Minogue, was on each side table up and down the country, whereas colors were additional daring than in previous decades: lipsticks came in gold and silver, and make-up in plum and chromatic.

Oonagh recreates Twiggy’s distinctive eye make-up by shading my lids and around my eyes in white, before drawing a dark gray line on my eye crease (this purportedly makes the eyes ‘pop’, although mine appears as if they’re pop out!) and applying thick makeup to my bottom lashes to mimic Twiggy’s deer-in-headlights look. Natasha backcombs my hair before promise half it up — with liberal hairspray — into the classic beehive form and loosely curling the ends with a hot pair of tongs.

Though the impact is spectacular, it’s plenty of effort to make. I want my face is caked in make-up and my hair is stiff and sticky.


She liked  the hair of the seventies because it remained feeling natural while conjointly being huge and bouncy however conjointly says the look is dated

In a decade of flares, tank superior and dance palace, the Seventies were all regarding discovery within the cosmetics world. ladies wished make-up to replicate their free-spirited nature — that meant clear, roll-on lip gloss, pastel make-up and browned cheeks.

Biba, the ever-present London complete, created fun product in vivacious hues for the young, whereas older ladies wore Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder.

Oonagh uses matte black shadow to form my eyes look sultry and rings them in black makeup. Next, she dusts bronzer everywhere my face to relinquish a sunkissed glow, darkens my brows employing a pencil and applies clear gloss to my lips.

For hair, there’s no additional painting look than the Farrah Flick. Natasha uses curling pair of tongs to tease my hair into soft, tumbling waves, then uses straighteners to relinquish every strand AN exaggerated upwards flick at the tip.

It’s dated — I appear as if one among Charlie’s Angels — however, I feel fabulous. The make-up is natural and therefore the hair is everything I long for: huge, bouncy and head-turning.


Sarah admits that she is unsure if the eighties look may be worn on a daily basis thanks to its extraordinary glamour

Power-dressing dominated the Eighties — and with it came extraordinary make-up. ladies clamored to repeat blue blood Diana’s electrical blue make-up, and thick, dark, unplucked eyebrows — created far-famed by player poet Shields — were everyplace.

Popular lipstick colors enclosed fuchsia, orange and opaque pink, and there was a fashion for carrying incompatible eyeshadows: pink and blue, gold and inexperienced, or orange and teal. extremely pigmented blushers were used right up to the hairline, furthermore as being dusted on the forehead and chin.

Oonagh goes to city on my eyes, using blue, inexperienced and pink eye crayons to hide my lids in a bright color. She uses a brown pencil to form my eyebrows look bushier, then applies fluorescent pink blush to my cheeks and temples.

Big hair, typically curly, was in — a glance not everybody might attain. With this make-up, however, I feel prepared for love or money.

Natasha curls small sections of my hair into tight ringlets, backcombing sections nighest to my scalp, before running her fingers through it and spritzing it with spray.

I look uncannily like my mum during this era — with the fierce, self-confident stare of a young person on her thanks to a faculty dance palace.

I’m unsure it’s one for each day, however, it’s actually glam.