Étienne Aigner was the founder of Etienne Aigner US and Etienne Aigner AG, these are the two separate high fashion houses, that is main based in New York City and Munich. He is born in 1904, he is known for establishing the designer handbags and belts in europen fashion.

Now I think we have to glance at some of the cool collections that are very much available in front of you. Let us see some of the best collections from the desinger.

Charismatic looks

Beauty Peagents here on go

Classy Formulas

Floroscent Fashion fiest

Actractive hub

Magnificient Elegance

Luxury Carlos

Whisper the truth of fashionable magic

Marvellous Co-ordination on Fashion as Passion

Quite Fashion

Vital Role in Fashion

Greatful Designer Collection

More than half a century ago he presented his first handbag collection in New York and he has made the best remarkable fashion. We will get back some of the coolest colections from the best designers.