Turquoise and silver are jewelry’s most classic combinations. These are very much artistically associated with Native American artisans. This is a distinctive stone with the fresh new look as designers incorporate gold, pearls and diamonds in it as this might be tge reason for creating a demand flow in the market.

It is mostly available in blue and green colors as well as for being on the top rank among all of the opaque stones, that undergoes kind of treatment that allows to shape or par it with anything else in affordable price.

On the other hand this is orginated from Persia, very expensive, although we have seen best collectround the world.  We are presenting you handmade turquoise jewelry ideas that are mostly unique since they haven’t been mass produced. Enjoy!

Chain Choker Necklace

Tree of Life jewelry

Turquoise Brass Necklace

Glowing Necklace

Natural Turquoise Ring

Dainty Turquoise Drop Earrings

Bohemian Turquoise Bracelets

Turquoise Ring

Turquoise Bracelet

Turquoise bangle

Turquoise Slice Necklace

Turquoise Onyx Bracelet

Turquoise bracelet

Turquoise Bird Nest Necklace

Turqouise statement necklace

Turquoise Native American Necklace

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