Most of the beauty brands are leading freak out products such as creamy matte lipstick, it's MAC released 28 new high-octane shades as part of it's new Colour Rocker collection.

Let us see some of the crazy spectrum of colors that includes everything from a true red to Rainbow-Brite-ready hues like bright lime green, gray lavender purple, and sky blue.

1.In Blue Bang.

2.In Breathing Fire.

3.In Bunnybeams.

4.In Carmine Rouge.

5.In City Slick.

6.In Cold Hard Cash.

7.In Darling Clementine.

8.In Deep With Envy.

9.In Digging In.

10.In Evening Buzz.

11.In Feeling Fizzy.

12.In Flatter Me Fierce.

13.In Forbidden Sunrise.

14.In Gritty Girl.

15.In Indigo Go.

16.In My Fashion.

17. In Instant Icon.

18.In The Spirit.

19.In Into The Madness.

20.In Jean Genie.

21.In Matte Royal.

22.In Mean Green Machine.

23.In Mud Wrestler.

24.In Night Mint.

25.In Secret Number.

26.In Show and Teal.

27.In Uncontrollable.

28.In Yellow You Dare.

Many of us are ready to go online to shop some of the matching colors that give a rich look to your attire. Why late then, come on you are always ready to checkout that are added to your cart.