Shikakai that is popularly employed in the Asian nation may be a flavouring powder that is formed from the fruit pods of the tree Concinna tree. Shikakai may be a marvellous herb that has been used for years for hair care.

Good, lustrous hair is definitely on the listing of each lady, however, during this feverish life, we tend to hardly get any time to keep up a beauty regime.

Here are many advantages of Shikakai for your hair

-Shikakai has low pH level and thence may be a natural cleansing agent for your scalp, cleansing it gently.

-Shikakai with its natural components is believed to push hair growth and conjointly reduces hair fall.

-It acts as an excellent detangler to go away you with those lovely locks that you just would like to run your fingers through.

-Shikakai conjointly prevents hair from greying naturally.

-Shikakai is wealthy in essential nutrients like water-soluble vitamin and does not create the scalp dry thereby preventing dandruff and different scalp issues. 

Shikakai is additionally better-known to the biology world as tree concinna. for several centuries currently, individuals have used shikakai to scrub their hair and also the skin. this can be attributable to the assorted flavouring properties it's.

The bark of the tree has saponins in it that helps moderately lather the hair once water is mixed with it.

There are lots of vitamins in it- C, D, A, E and K, that facilitate nourish the hair.

The presence of antioxidants in shikakai may be a boon for the hair. Free radicals are fought against, and also the hair and scalp are unbroken in sensible lieu too.

The small nutrients found in shikakai facilitate with hair nourishment and hair growth

Regular use of shikakai helps with hair longevity, lesser hair fall and breakage and conjointly helps bring the bounce and shine to the hair, abundant required.

Now that you just have a good plan on the wonders of shikakai and what all it will do for your hair, allow us to currently take a deeper explore the advantages of shikakai for hair.

Benefits of Shikakai for Hair

Gentle Action

Shikakai is gentle and includes a low pH level, which might facilitate maintain the pH levels of the hair and also the scalp, and may be used often while not a hitch. As a result, the scalp doesn’t get too dry, too oily or too sensitive, because the pH levels of Shikai match up to balance the pH levels on our hair. thence we've got a healthy scalp and healthy hair too.

Adds shine and softness

If you're bored stiff of the guarantees created by business shampoo and conditioner brands and notice that the shine of the hair is any deteriorating than coming, it's time for you to urge shikakai. With shikakai, your hair can shine, there would be lesser tangles, and also the hair gets softer and extremely manageable too.

Fights dandruff

Thanks to the anti-plant life properties of shikakai, dandruff would be restrained after you use shikakai often as a hair wash powder. currently, this can be what most beauticians wouldn’t tell you, however, the business medicated shampoos would create the natural pigment of the hair run away and switch it white or grey; mistreatment shikakai, this wouldn’t ever happen. And there wouldn’t be any condition or cutaneous sensation similarly.

For Hair Growth

Our hair follicles would like lots of nourishment to return through alternatively it wouldn’t be ready to grow longer and thicker hair; hair that we tend to want. Shikakai has lots of vitamins in it, and this can be why the fruit is understood as HAIR FRUIT- the water-soluble vitamin content in it helps promote the expansion of hair by providing lots of nourishment to the hair. It conjointly helps provide scleroprotein boost to the scalp, and also the antioxidants in shikakai will facilitate forestall the onslaught of free radicals too.

Offers you stronger, Thicker Hair

Thicker and longer hair is what we tend to want to possess, and the most business hair product cannot facilitate with a similar. Shikakai is, therefore, a reasonable thanks to attaining the hair length and bounce, thickness and powerful hair you wish. far better than the shampoos bought, shikakai is natural. This means no a lot of harsh chemicals to attack your scalp and hair, and also the nourishment issue is massed, because of the presence of vitamins in shikakai.

Prevents a dry scalp/Nourishes the Scalp

If the scalp is unhealthy, don’t expect the hair to grow thick, long, sturdy and healthy. the inspiration has to be sturdy, that is why we must always use shikakai. Shikakai will facilitate grow the hair and soothe the scalp; prevents the condition and cutaneous sensation of the scalp and nourishes the scalp too. Shikakai conjointly brings down any type of inflammation of the scalp, because of the optimizing of the pH levels of the scalp.

Delays grey hair

These days and because of the chemicals and pollutants around, even kids have gotten white and grey hair. whereas the salt and pepper look will work for a few, it doesn’t work for all. If you would like to be safe from premature greying, you must use shikakai. Shikakai will facilitate scale back the natural greying method of the hair, deals with premature greying and conjointly helps absorb into the hair higher. What you get within the cut-price would be thicker, darker and shinier hair. Why pay such a lot of chemical dyes, once shikakai will do the duty better?

Removes hair lice

It is however annoying and embarrassing to possess head lice, and if you or your wanted ones have head lice, it's time to use shikakai. Shikakai will facilitate naturally heal the matter and conjointly keeps the lice off from your tresses permanently.

Heals minor wounds

Shikakai will are available terribly handy to heal cuts and wounds on the scalp since it's meditative properties in it too. It wouldn’t cause any pains though you've got a sensitive skin on the scalp; business shampoos would.

Prevents Split Ends

When the hair has been with chemicals treated, it turns dry and course over an amount of your time. to cover this, you'd tie and breadstuff up the hair just about, which might cause pressure and split ends. Shikakai will facilitate forestall split ends by taking the cause away. Shikakai promotes secretion production on the scalp, that successively moisturises the hair and also the vitamins nourish the hair. along it helps stop condition of the hair, which suggests a lot of hair growth promotion and lesser split ends to contend with.

Soothes your head

If you combine amla, curd and shikakai along, you'll be able to use it as a hair mask to deep condition the hair and to conjointly soothe the pinnacle on a hot summer noonday. though you've got a sick headache or a shrewish headache, shikakai are often employed in this fashion to cool down the pinnacle and take away the pain too.

Gently detangles hair

Knots and tangles within the hair are frustrating and may cause lots of hair fall thanks to the tugging and pull of the hair while hair care is finished. What you'll be able to do is to use some paste of shikakai within the hair, and run your fingers through it. this could facilitate the natural oils of the scalp come back onto the hair and detangle the hair.

Removes Oil and Dirt

Shikakai powder is a wonderful hair cleansing agent, and once used with curd and amla, will facilitate soothe the scalp and suck out build up, dirt and dirt from the hair at intervals minutes. The vacuuming action of shikakai keeps the scalp clean and also the hair bouncier.

It's cheaper and higher

Why pay a bomb on business hair cleaners, shampoos and conditioners that have chemicals in them, that hurt the hair within the long run? Wouldn’t or not it's nice for you to save lots of your cash and hair, and use the gift of nature- SHIKAKAI!

So here were the numerous advantages of mistreatment shikakai for the hair. currently allow us to take a glance at the assorted recipes that we will use reception with shikakai, which might facilitate promote hair growth and hair health.

Shikakai Hair Wash Powder

What all you need

a pair of tbsps of shikakai powder
a pair of cups of water
 0.5 a cup of honey


Boil the powder in heat water for a second. Create the paste of a similar
Apply honey to it. Combine well and apply on the hair. Stay up to 0.5 hour
Take away with cold water.
Towel dry

How it works:

Shikakai helps with deep learning and relieving dry hair and scalp. Honey helps wash the hair and also the scalp.

Tip: Best used for dry hair and with chemicals treated hair.

Shikakai Conditioner

What all you need:

0.5 a cup of curd
0.5 a cup of shikakai powder
Quart cup amla powder
An instrumentation


Begin by combination all the powders with the curd in a very instrumentation
Create a paste let it sit for 0.5 an hour
Massage the paste into the scalp and also the hair
Stay up to 0.5 hour
Take away with cold water
Towel dry

How it works

The deep learning impact comes through with curd. Amla helps nourish the hair follicles and makes it sturdy. Shikakai helps strengthen the hair roots and brings a natural shine to the hair.
Tip: are often used thrice per week for all hair varieties.


What all you need

one tbsp shikakai powder
a pair of tbsp honey
one tsp vegetable oil
one cup filtered water


Begin by heating water in a very pot and boiling it.
Augment the boiling water the powder and also the oil
Boil and string when twenty minutes
Let it cool
Add honey to the combination
Stir well
Shampoo your hair commonly
Add this combination to the shampoo at the top and massage the hair and also the scalp with it
Take away with cold water in 10 minutes
Towel dry

How it works:

Olive oil and honey are best kinds of natural moisturizers for the hair and also the scalp. Shikakai helps nourish the hair, cleanse the scalp and acts as a deep conditioner for the hair roots too.

Tip: Best for dry hair and wavy African hair!

Shikakai Hair Pack for Lice

What all you need:

5-10 drops of tree oil
A pinch of natural resin
Olive oil
Honey and
Shikakai hair powder


Combine all the ingredients in a very bowl to create a paste
Apply the paste to the hair and also the roots
Massage deep into the scalp  stay up for an hour
Take away with heat water
Towel dry

How it works

Neem oil is antimicrobial and kills the germs, lice and infection. vegetable oil and honey are natural hair and scalp moisturizers that nourish the hair and create it soft. natural resin helps kill the lice.

Tip: Use providing the problem may be a minor one!

These were, therefore, the numerous advantages and recipes of mistreatment shikakai for your hair. currently let's take a final word on the ideas and when care of mistreatment shikakai.

With shikakai, there aren't any side-effects in and of itself to contend with or worry regarding. this can be why we tend to are convinced to share these advantages with you.