Hairstyles  really meant a lot in our complete attire. We have got some of the cutest ones just for you .

Jennifer Hudson's Edgy Fringe

To achieve this rocker-chic cut, blow dry your bangs in front of your face to add some dimension, instead of slicking them back from your forehead.

Shailene Woodley's Side Bangs

Keep long pieces in the front to style into side bangs and up-dos.

Tyra Bank's Thick, Textured Style

The uneven "heavy bangs plus short sides" look is definitely A+, but don't forget to smize when showing off your new 'do.

Kirsten Dunst's '20s Sweep

Dunst tries out a flapper style by pinning back one side of her hair and waving the other end just so.

Halle Berry's Wispy Strands and Short Sides

For a textured style like Berry's, it pays to have curly hair. Keep the bangs long and the sides shaved to mimic this super edgy look.

Audrey Tautou's Bedhead

The flyaways here all look intentional, in a French trying-but-not-trying way. To embrace the natural bedhead look, casually flick some styling paste through your head and let the wind take over.

Lily Collins' Grown-Out Bangs

When you're growing out your bangs, round-brush in the opposite direction of your natural natural hair progression to achieve Collins' voluminous swoop.

Robin Wright's Multi-Tonal Strands

The lady with the best short hair on television, Robin Wright knows the power of a cut that doesn't require too much time to style in the morning.

Julianne Hough's Not-a-Hair-Out-of-Place Pixie

Some magic has taken place here to keep Hough's hair without any stray hairs in sight, and we're going to have to chalk it up to some straight iron enchantment.

Kate Mara's Assymmetry

Mara mixes it up with one side of her hair waved and the other straight and slicked back behind her ear. Genius.

Zendaya's Boyish Bowl Cut

Zendaya has tried almost every style on the planet it seems, but we are so here for this bowl cut style with wavy eye-length bangs.

Jean Seberg's Close Crop

One of the true OGs of pixie cuts came straight from French flick indie darling Jean Seberg, who always kept her pixies closely cropped to her head.

Natalie Portman's Neat, Chic Style

Close-cut and not a strand out of place.

Carey Mulligan's Crimped Waves

The cut that launched a thousand copycats (and this infamous scene from Girls) is immaculately crimped here in a '20s style that's fitting for Miss Daisy Buchanan.

Winona Ryder Close-Cut Pixie

Pour one out for Winona Ryder's style choices in the '90s. Arguably a "Rachel" in her own right, Winona Ryder's pixie cut was another must-have cool girl style of her era.

Mia Farrow's Feathery Cut

If your hair is super fine and soft like Farrow's, try out this feathery, baby bird hair style that frames the face perfectly.

Audrey Hepburn's Curls

The chicest of pixie cuts, courtesy of Audrey Hepburn's natural curls.

We have some of the lovable cuts from the celebs.. handouts just for you in our next set of articles. Leave your comments and feedback.