Hairstyles need to suit your face to look great on you, there are no more compromises that can make you look dull, let us see some of the best 10 hairstyles that go great on you as per your face.

Big Ballerina Bun

A voluminous bun adds structure to the face, while the loose curls draw attention to the eyes.

Sleek Bob

A chin-length angular bob lifts the face and sharpens the jaw line.

Half-Up, Half-Down

Longer hair lengthens the face, and wisps contour your cheekbones

Asymmetrical Bob

A bob inherently puts all the focus on cheekbones, while an asymmetrical curtain of hair draws even more attention upwards to the eyes and cheeks.

Ringlet Pile-On

Curly, side-swept bangs that hit above the brow emphasize the eyes, while the long wisps frame the face.

Bendy Bob

Cool-girl bends are universally flattering. They keep the hair from lying too flat on the face, while their curvatures trim the silhouette of the face.

Layered Ringlets

Bey's halo of soft, ringlety curls hits the apples of the cheeks in flattering fashion, while the long layers sculpt the jaw area.

Fluffy Curls

A cloud of shoulder-length curls with volume at the crown elongates the face and makes it look trimmer.

Feathery Lob

Short, wispy bangs frame the eye area, while feather-light waves that hit the collarbone flatter the décolletage.

I hope this styles catch your lifestyles go on with your passion. Leave your feedback and comments.